Scouter Profile: Damon Friesen

Name: Damon Friesen
Group:  1st Niverville
Council:  Manitoba
Section: Scouts
Number of years as a Scouter: 1 year

Scouter Profile: Damon FrisenWhat do you find most rewarding as a Scouter?

I would say the most rewarding aspect of Scouts and being a Scouter is the opportunity to take part in awesome events “for the kids”. I love the Youth-Led aspect of the program. It opens me up to fun experiences and adventures that I would not have thought of, or considered, if it wasn’t for the youth wanting to try them.

At Scouts Canada, our mission is to develop well-rounded youth better prepared for success in the world. During your time as a Scouter, how have you impacted the mission?

I would say that the Canadian Path makes this fairly simple through the Youth – Led element. The approach of “so what do you want to do?” puts it in the youth’s hands giving them the opportunity to find their own way, even if they make a mistake or two. This allows them to learn for the next time. The Plan-Do-Review system is also a great tool that gives youth the room to grow, learn and enjoy the experience. So I guess I would say I have impacted the mission by simply giving the Scouts in my Troop the opportunity to learn by experience through the Canadian Path.

If you could offer one piece of advice to a new Scouter what would it be?

Take the time to understand the program. So much of what we try to teach the kids is just as applicable to our adult lives. Things like the SPICES  and Plan-Do-Review will help every one of us live a better life. There are so many courses and learning opportunities both online and in person with Scouts. Take them. The things you can learn will help you both in Scouting and in life.


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