Scouter Profile: Joni Boyd

Name: Joni Boyd
Group:  8th Orleans Scouts
Council:  Voyageur Council
Number of years as a Scouter: 20 years, since 1998

What do you find most rewarding as a Scouter?

I love it when a youth learns something about themselves that they never knew before. For example, I recall a situation at camp when we had asked a 3rd year youth to teach the younger youth the safety tips for using a stove and lantern. One 13 year old boy said, with a light in his eye “I can teach!” as he saw his own capacity for the first time. Times like these are the most rewarding for me.

As a Scouter, you play a key role in bringing Scouts Canada’s vision of Canadian youth making a meaningful contribution to creating a better world to fruition. How have you contributed to helping achieve this vision?

Amongst other things, I can think of two ways that I have helped youth to make a meaningful contribution to the world. Firstly, by providing the youth with an opportunity to appreciate wildlife such as watching a baby otter in the water as the canoe passes by and enjoying a beaver dam during a hike. Activities like this create an appreciation for the world around us. Secondly, through encouraging youth to partake in environmental projects like making bat houses, conducting a survey about water quality, and studying the turtle habitat at Petrie Island. This has made 8th Orleans youth aware of how to act in the world and how they can impact their environment for the better.

If you could offer once piece of advice to a new Scouter what would it be?

Being a Scouter has improved my ability to address and solve a great deal of problems and learn to do so many things that I could never have imagined doing- with the help of many great Scouters from within my Group and without. I have many more skills and am a much better person now than I was when I began as a result. Thanks to great Scouters such as Norman Williams, Jim Peverley, Alan Clapp & Werner Liedtke, and the many others who have been role models to me in different ways.


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