Gear Review — Eureka Spire LX

One of the hardest parts of camping is making sure that you are prepared for any situation and always have the right equipment with on hand. The Eureka Spire LX camp stove is a great piece of equipment that can you prepare for any outdoor adventure.

This stove is ideal for either car camping or camping at a base as it is small, packing down to 21.5” x 13.1” x 4.2” and weighing only 12.4 lbs—not to mention it’s still large enough to cook with two 10” pots at the same time. You can even take off and fold down the lid and wind screens for oversized pots or pans that are larger than 10”.

The Eureka Spire LX is also versatile, in that you can attach other burners or even a jet boil, while still using the same propane source, with the unique jet link output port. With this 16.4 oz propane-run stove, it is easy to boil close to a litre of water in just four minutes, due to its two 10,000 btu (British thermal units) burners and wind screens.

Whether you are a person who likes to cook on high or simmer real low, this stove is perfect with its easy temperature control, which allows you to have the freedom to adjust the temperature without the distress of extinguishing the flame. You also never have to fear uneven surfaces again with adjustable feet that extend to level out the rough ground.

Finally, this stove is extremely easy to take apart and clean with its removable grate, wind protector and lid. To get cooking, get all the power you need with great accessories and attachments at the Scout Shop nearest you, or visit their online store.


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