My Outdoor Adventure Scout Camp

We planned our overnight, tent camp in the gym. We discussed proper clothing and proper sleeping supplies to bring. We discussed proper tent placement so we don’t float away. When we planned our food we did not agree on anything but our lunch, we all decided to have grilled cheese. The weather was good when we got to the camp but when we got to the campsite it started to rain. It rained all day and all night for the whole camp.

The first day we had to choose between two of three activities; shelters, compass and fires.  First I did compass and it was so much fun.  We even got a candy but before we could eat it we had to use it for the activity. We were given three sets of coordinates that the Scouter said should return us to our candy.  It took 3 tries before I even got near my candy, but I did, and I improved my compass skills. By the time we finished compass it was already time for lunch, we obviously had grilled cheese.

The next station was fire making.  When I got to fires the Scouter told us that we had to collect our own wood and I said, “WHAT! It’s pouring rain, it will be impossible to find dry wood to start a fire.” The leader just started to laugh and he said, “let’s go.”  We started to walk, good thing I had my rain pants and my rain jacket or else I would have gotten soaked. I managed to find a couple pieces of dry wood. When we got to the tarped area to make our fires we each got a pack of matches. About 10 minutes later I only had 2 matches left. I made a pile of dry cedar shavings with my knife and then I struck a match near it and it lit. I started to blow on the fire and it got larger. Then I heard the air horn signalling that the fire station was over and it was time for dinner.

For dinner we had tin-dins. I put corn, potatoes and peas in my tin-din and I put it on the fire. When I was finished I started to make my tin-din dessert that was cinnamon bannock. Everyone was so eager to try it they took it off early and ate doughy bannock and it was so good.

After that I went to bed and it rained all night long so I did not get a wink of sleep. Luckily our tent had an elevated placement so that we stayed dry in the wet night. The camp was so much fun even, horrible weather did not spoil our SWhethercout camp.


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