Powered by Popcorn: 169th Glen Allan Brings Adventurous Opportunities to Youth by Fundraising $67k

What does it take to be one of Canada’s top selling Groups? Jennifer Matyjanka, 169th Glen Allan’s Popcorn Coordinator, joined Scouting Life to share how the Group sold $67,330 of Scout Popcorn in the 2017 season.

The 169th Glen Allan Group has a strong system in place, which includes mapping out routes of their area, parental involvement, and practicing selling techniques together. This begins at the very first meeting.

“In our first Scouting meetings of the year, Scout Popcorn is usually starting up, so we begin by asking youth what adventures they want to go on for the year—which motivates them to fundraise,” Jennifer shares.

When it comes to implementing their fundraising strategy, 169th Glen Allan has some unique techniques.

“When youth join in Beavers, we try to keep them on the same route throughout their Scouting career, because the people in the neighbourhood develop a relationship with that child—they watch them grow over a couple of years and remember that the kids will be coming to their door.”

Furthermore, Jennifer insists that parental involvement in the popcorn campaign is key. “Without parents, we couldn’t sell Popcorn,” she explains, “It is the parents who are usually driving the youth, walking door-to-door with them and supervising the order information; so, it is imperative to have them onboard and involved in the campaign.”

Being Canada’s top selling group is not all about hearing ‘yes’ from local customers. Jennifer suggests that there is a powerful lesson in not making a sale. “The youth of 169th Glen Allan learn to respond graciously to the word ‘no’ while learning about respect.”

Along with learning some wonderful lessons, the 169th Glen Allan Group has been able to fund all kinds of adventures with the money they have raised through Scout Popcorn.

“We have a very active program in all Sections of our Group. Through fundraising, we are able to subsidize camps for all Sections, ensuring that every youth enjoys the benefits of Group funds,” Jennifer says.

Due to Scout Popcorn, the 169th Glen Allan Group has been able to offset costs, allowing even more youth to participate in adventures like the Pacific and Canadian Jamborees, dogsledding in Jasper, AB, and an ice hiking excursion at night.

According to Jennifer, “The key to the Group’s success is selling adventure, not popcorn. It is about more than popcorn; the community is donating to Scouting and allowing even more youth to benefit from the program.”

Congratulations, 169th Glen Allan, for all of your hard work and dedication to fuelling your adventures!


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