Gear Review — Eureka Stormshield Armatech 35L Dry Bag

The key to any successful adventure is to stay dry—this includes you and your gear. Regardless of the season, getting wet leaves a traveller at risk for not just being cold, but possibly hypothermic. Keeping dry is important for safe, healthy and fun adventures.

The Stormshield Armatech Dry Bag from Eureka is a heavy duty, all-purpose bag made from durable 600D polyester. It has a double seal roll top closure which is secured by a sturdy buckle. Once engaged, it creates a useful carrying handle.  It also comes with a handy mesh bag for storing it when not in use.

This dry bag only comes in a bright orange colour, which makes it impossible to lose in the great outdoors. In the unfortunate event that you tip your canoe, rest assured that your gear will stay dry, though if you are packing heavy equipment, be sure to tether it to your canoe, otherwise it’s a trip to the bottom to locate your vibrant bag. There is one seam down the back of the bag, leading to a circular bottom.  When filled, the 35L dry bag fitted comfortably in my backpack, which kept my hands free while portaging.

I had the chance to try out a 35L Stormshield dry bag at a canoe camp with my Troop, and although it rained my gear stayed dry. In the following video, I demonstrate how well this dry bag works by testing it in the worst condition—dragging it behind my kayak.

While this scenario is unlikely to happen, the weather can be unpredictable, so it is always important to be prepared. I have experienced a surprise downpour in the past, and luckily on that trip, my gear was safe in my dry bag, unfortunately I couldn’t say the same for the loose clothes in my backpack.

This Eureka dry bag lives up to its name. The only issue I encountered was that the black webbing is very absorbent, and a small amount of water can wick through the stitching in the last roll. I must emphasize that after simulating a worst-case scenario, the amount of water present was minimal and using a towel to dry the opening ensured my gear stayed dry. This is very important because certain items cannot tolerate any exposure to water, like cameras, food or worse—your matches.

The Stormshield Armatech dry bag comes in a variety of sizes (15L, 25L, 35L, 55L). I prefer to use multiple small dry bags to separate my gear within my backpack; however, this bag is so rugged, you could actually choose a large size, fill it up with all of your gear, and toss it directly in the bottom of your canoe—it’s made to last.

Overall, the Stormshield Armatech dry bag worked fabulously. It is a strong and durable dry bag, ready to join your adventures. Head on over to the Scout Shop where the knowledgeable staff will gladly help you find the best gear for your next camping trip.


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