Reviving the Scouting Spirit in Antigonish

Group Profile: 2nd Antigonish

By re-igniting the community’s Scouting spirit, Antigonish has brought together a strong Group of youth excited to explore the outdoors and make a difference in the world. Kris Hunter, Group Commissioner of the 2nd Antigonish Group, built upon the towns great memories of Scouting so today’s youth can benefit from the program.

“It all started when a few of us saw a need for Scouting in the area. We all have a history with Scouting and remember it fondly,” said Kris, “And this memory extends to the larger community. During our fundraising drives, we would hear stories from others who were in Scouting.”

It was through this type of word-of-mouth recruitment that both youth and volunteers joined the Scouting Movement. Parent engagement has also played a role in the Group’s success.

“We run a program that involves parents. I think our success is two fold; supplying a need for Scouting within this community and running a great program.” said Kris. “If you run a great program, it gets people talking.”

By running a program on the Canadian Path, the youth have had the opportunity to experience new things through outdoor adventure while acquiring leadership, teamwork and critical thinking skills.  Incorporating Plan-Do-Review has even allowed the Cubs to plan an entire meeting for the Beavers.

So what exciting activities have the 2nd Antigonish been a part of? “We spend a lot of time outdoors on local hikes, scavenger hunts and orienteering exercises.” said Kris, “The kids have even been in the geology labs where they have looked at rocks under microscopes and learned about different kinds of rocks. They loved that.”

Through a shared leadership model the Group continues to flourish.

“It is our wonderful Scouters and an amazing administrator that keeps everything running smoothly. They are all highly motivated and very enthusiastic.” Said Kris. “Our Group is successful due to our flexibility and shared leadership. Our team runs as a cohesive unit. In fact, when we interview new Scouters, we make sure they are willing to work as a part of our team.”

As a Group that is only 2 years old, Kris is pleased to inform ScoutingLife that they will be opening a new Scout Troop next year! With the Groups success based solely on youth experience and word of mouth, the 2nd Antigonish look forward to expanding even further as they actively promote the program.

2nd Antigonish Group


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