Why Trees are Important to the Well-Being of our Society

Trees are very important in many different ways. Trees give us oxygen, resources for fuel and business, and landscapes—to name a few. Massive logging, development, no reforestation and burning are all ways that forests currently suffer.

There are ways that we can all save trees, and some ways are even easier to get involved in than you may realize! As Scouts, we believe in the practice of  Leave No Trace, and through Scouting you can join us in supporting replanting programs like Scoutrees. Since it’s beginnings in 1972, Scouting youth have planted over 80 million trees through Scoutrees.

Another route for preserving our forests is reduced use. We talk a lot about reusing plastic products, or reflect on how much we consume certain materials. Like plastic, we can reduce the number of single-use wood products that we use. Wood resources can be recycled, repurposed and reused. Try buying recycled paper next time you are getting school supplies, and start separating your household waste for responsible recycling.

Many people do not think twice before doing something that may be harmful to the environment or to other people. As Scouts we need to think about looking into the future and determining what is best. We need to focus on being leaders of the future and setting examples for the next generation. We know how old trees are by counting their rings after they’ve been cut—cutting down trees that are many years old means that we are also cutting part of our history, and leaving even less forestation for future generations to benefit from.

As Scouts, we want to save wildlife and the planet, but most of all we want to save ecosystems that are home to Earth’s lifeforms, and trees are key to this goal. If we all work together to save the trees, we can have a wider impact on benefitting the environment. I encourage you to get out for a hike, walk, bike and-or camp to enjoy Canada’s beautiful forests. This may help you realize just how much we depend on trees every day!

I have supported Scouts Canada’s Scoutrees program by planting trees myself, and I felt really good after. If you plant trees, you may feel good too. It’s never too late to start conserving, so go save some trees!

Cover photo credit: 116th East Vancouver


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