How Scouting has influenced my life

It is safe to say that Scouts has influenced my life in many ways. Like many other youth, it’s hard to picture my life without Scouting. I learned a lot of things that I may not have not learned anywhere else, like building fires or learning how to identify different types of trees, and which trees are ideal for making a campfire.

I have also made new friends in my Scouting Group and I have met people from all over the world. I have done things that I would not have expected to be do. Scouts has changed my life in ways I could not have imagined. I used to think that Scouting was mainly for boys, and I was not expecting very many girls. When I joined I learned that Scouts is for girls and boys—just like going to school!

Over the past few years I have learned different skills with an intense focus on the outdoors. I have learned to be more creative and to develop my leadership skills. For example, at one camp there was a contest to make food, called the Iron Scout. Since our Scouters were not allowed to help with our cooking, I put my leadership into practice by offering help to others who needed it. We worked together as a team with, some of us leading prep and others keeping an eye on cook-timing. Since I have been in Scouts, I feel like I have learned to be more respectful of others, myself, and the great outdoors.

I enjoy being in the outdoors and I’ve done so many activities, camping especially. I can even say that I have gone camping in all the four seasons—not to mention I have learned many survival skills.

The most recent camp I went to was a winter camp, so we had to be prepared for the extreme weather. The location of the camp was Camp Impeesa, and my favourite part was the hike that we went on. I love visiting Camp Impeesa, no matter what time of year. There was 100cm of snow when we were there, and it snowed the whole time! While hiking, the snow fell as we trekked. When we went on our hike I was the only one who brought a compass out of the group—talk about being prepared!

Now that I have been in Scouts for a few years, I have learned to always be prepared, and that has influenced my ability to be prepared in life, not just the outdoors. Scouts has taught me helpful things that I will continue to use in the future. It has made a huge and extremely positive impact on my life.


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