Fuel Great Adventures with Scout Popcorn

Through fundraising, Alex received a Scout Popcorn Scholarship to cover his first year of university tuition.

A new Scouting Year has started, and that means there are plenty of great adventures ahead! What better way to help fund these adventures than with Scout Popcorn? Whether you’ve been selling Scout Popcorn for years or are just getting started, here are some tips that I found helpful when I was selling Scout Popcorn:

Get to Know the Product!

It’s important to familiarize yourself with this year’s product line before you start fundraising. Preparing yourself by knowing what types of popcorn are available makes it easy if people have questions about flavours and options, and it’s also super impressive if you can describe them to your listeners. Sometimes people will ask what kind you recommend, so if you have a favourite flavour, mention that too!

Scout Popcorn Products, 2018

Set Goals

When I sold popcorn, I always set goals for myself – usually I set an overall goal for selling more than I had in the previous year, but I also had smaller, more manageable weekly goals. It’s incredibly motivating to achieve these weekly goals, and it can energize you to reach just a little bit further! Your goal may be to earn a scholarship and qualify for the Scout Popcorn Adventure Club, or maybe your Group has its own prizes that you’ve got your eye on – whatever the reward, the best way to get there is to set goals and take pride in yourself when you reach them!

Sell Often

You’d be surprised just how quickly your Scout Popcorn orders can add up. I would always try to go door-to-door in my neighbourhood for an hour or two every day after school. If you can visit twenty houses on your street in one evening, that could add up to $300 in sales or more! You can even work with your Scouters to get permission to sell popcorn outside of local businesses. With a little bit of time and effort, you’ll be reaching your goals in no time. That being said…

…Don’t Get Discouraged!

Sometimes you’ll have off days where you won’t be getting as many orders as you were hoping for. There were some days where I’d visit over twenty houses and every house except for one were either not home, or not interested. That’s okay! It happens – you just have to keep at it, each day is a new opportunity.

Stay Safe

Above all, safety should be your top priority when fundraising. Whenever you’re out collecting orders in your neighbourhood, always be sure to have someone with you like a fellow Scout or adult you know, and never give out personal information.

Ultimately, Scout Popcorn fuels many great adventures. I never imagined I would get the opportunity to experience new things like go dog-sledding, but thanks to Scout Popcorn I did. If there’s an awesome adventure that you want to go on, bring it up with your Scouting peers and Scouters; chances are, there are others who’d love to do that as well, and you can work together to raise enough funds to make those adventures happen!


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