Meet Scouts Canada’s New Junior Youth Spokespeople (Beavers)

In Beaver Scouts youth aged 5-7 make new friends and put cooperation and teamwork into play, while in Cub Scouts youth build self-confidence through fun outdoor adventures like hikes, weekend camps and canoeing.

Through our new Junior Youth Spokesperson Program (YSP), Beavers and Cubs enjoy unique opportunities to gain ‘reel’-world experience through fun media relations activities.

From supporting television segment shoots, to emceeing at Scouting events with the support of a mentoring Senior Youth Spokesperson, to sharing short blurbs about their adventures for Scouting Life and more, the Jr. YSP Program gives youth the chance to shine—brightening their potential for academic and professional pursuits.

To welcome our new Jr. YSP Beavers for the 2018-2019 Scouting Year, these Beavers reflected on their recent Scouting excursions and camps, sharing their adventures to practice their writing and storytelling skills!

Meet Baron, Greater Toronto Council

Baron, Jr YSP“My Colony went camping at Blue Springs Scout Reserve. We got to sleep in a cabin with all our friends, we went on hikes and ate hot dogs, but my favourite part of camp was the obstacle course!

It had tightrope walking, big walls to climb and even a swinging rope. I was a bit scared to swing for the first time but it was the most fun and I was really brave after that.

I can’t wait to go back!”

Meet Pengpeng, Pacific Coast Council

PengPeng, Jr YSP“I went to Cypress Mountain with Scouts at the end of 2017. Me, Mom and Dad walked with the Scouts together. My mom and I built an igloo together. I went through a tunnel built with snow—it was fun!

I went skiing on a little hill, and then Mom, my dad and I went to a larger one. My dad went further and further until we could not even see him a little bit. I dared my mom and dad to go together, but they went really slow, I had to pushed them through.

After that, it was time for supper and I got mac and cheese. It was delicious. I am excited to go to the next camp.”

Meet Kevin, Fraser Valley Council

Kevin, Jr YSP“My favourite Beavers outing this year was fishing at Green Timbers Lake. We practiced casting the rod first with bait. I learned that some bait is better than other bait.

If you want to catch and eat the fish, use a barbed hook. If you want to catch and release, you use a non-barbed hook.

I know to ask for help when the rod gets tangled behind me. I didn’t catch any fish at Green Timbers, but I did this weekend when I went camping. I’m glad I learned about fishing at Beavers so I could do that.”

Meet Theo, Greater Toronto Council

Theo, Jr YSPTheo’s Colony planted a new cache in a park within walking distance from their Group’s meeting hall.

“We made a geocache, and we planned where it went. Geocaching is fun, and I learned how to use a GPS. It’s like a compass and a map put together, because it tells you where to go! I want to go geocaching again, and I want to see if anyone found the cache we left over the summer.”

Meet Walter, Pacific Coast Council

Walter, Jr YSP“I went to Camp Byng with my Beaver Colony. It was the first time I’d gone to camp. I was really excited. We took a ferry to get there and saw Orca Whales on our way.

While there, I went into the forest a lot with my friends, did archery, and me and my dad whittled a canoe and some pencils.

Everyone told skits and songs at the campfire. One night we went for a night hike and when we came back we had hot cocoa and cookies.

Camp Byng was lots of fun and I’d like to go back sometime! I like being a Beaver because of all the fun things we get to do.”

Meet Aaron, Greater Toronto Council

“My Beaver Colony and our Scouters went out one day to plant some trees. Tree planting is good for the environment because it creates oxygen for us to breathe. There were lots of trees to choose from and I planted 3 of them.

I had fun planting the trees because I like nature and want to do my part to protect it. I raised $45 and some of that money went to my Colony. I had a great time—if you haven’t done it already you may want to give tree planting a try!”



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