Meet Scouts Canada’s New Junior Youth Spokespeople (Cubs)

Cub Scouts youth aged 8-10 build self-confidence through fun outdoor adventures like hikes, weekend camps and canoeing.

Through our new Junior Youth Spokesperson Program (YSP), Beavers and Cubs enjoy unique opportunities to gain ‘reel’-world experience through fun media relations activities.

From supporting television segment shoots, to emceeing at Scouting events with the support of a mentoring Senior Youth Spokesperson, to sharing short blurbs about their adventures for Scouting Life and more, the Jr. YSP Program gives youth the chance to shine—brightening their potential for academic and professional pursuits.

To welcome our new Jr. YSP Cubs for the 2018-2019 Scouting Year, these Cubs reflected on their recent Scouting excursions and camps, sharing their adventures to practice their writing and storytelling skills!

Meet Sophia, Chinook Council

Sophia, Jr YSP“At Cub Camp, one of my favourite things was putting up the tent because in the end, we realized that no one had done up the bow yet to keep the poles together. We got a leader and I go to sit on his shoulders to do up the bow!

I also liked spending time with my BFF and making a fire and roasting marshmallows—but my absolute favourite was spending time in the middle of nowhere.”

Meet Marcus W., Pacific Coast Council

Marcus, Jr YSP“On May 25th I attended the Burnaby Challenge Camp at Tynehead Regional Park. In challenge camp, we did many different activities from hiking to tying knots, but one of my favourite things that we did was lighting a fire with a match and kindling. I learned to hold a match properly—you can’t put the match upside down because if you do, the fire will burn your hand.

I had a great time camping because I had lots of fun and I’m looking forward to our next camp!”

Meet Aiden, Greater Toronto Council

Aiden, Jr YSP“When I was cleaning up the park for our Pack’s clean-up day, I found a plastic bag. Pretty ordinary right? So I picked up—it wiggled. One of my Scouters, Hathi, was like ‘There is a fish in there!’ So I put it under the water.

Together we flipped the bag and it swam away. I learned I should always check if a piece of garbage contains any wildlife. Today I cleaned up the park and rescued a fish.”

Meet Adam, Pacific Coast Council

Adam, Jr YSP“My previous camping trip with Scouts was Cuboree in Squamish, BC. My Pack and I went on Rope Runner (“Rope runner” is an obstacle course in the air with ropes). My friends Dylan, Lucas and I were doing obstacles, and Lucas helped us with the ropes because we were too short.”

Meet Brynn, Cascadia Council

Brynn, Jr YSP“This year’s adventures took my Cub Pack to Camp Gilwell. It had lots of activities including: tug-of-war, knot untying, four-man ski, and my favourite—the cooking competition! For the competition we made Italian themed food. Carrolynn, Zach, Garrett, and Greyson made little Italian flags for the desserts, Tejan made the salads, Abby made the desserts, and me and Corey made spaghetti.

The team was awesome and did a great job, and we won! Next year we must come back and defend our title as champions.”

Meet Louise, Pacific Coast Council

Louise, Jr YSP“Of all the camps this year, Kub Kar Camp was my favourite. We all got a piece of wood that was about 10 cm long and 5 cm wide to make our car. No two cars were alike. Since I love birds, I made mine in the shape of a bald eagle.

There were all sorts of different prizes, some of them including the slowest car, as well as first, second, and third fastest cars. Sadly, this year I didn’t win any prizes, but next year I’m going for ‘most colourful’!”

Meet William, Chinook Council

William, Jr YSP“I went on a hike with the Cubs, we hiked at Nose Hill Park. The best part was seeing old car pieces. I learned there was such thing as poison oak. I look forward to doing it again!”

Meet Alex, Pacific Coast Council

Alex, Jr YSP“This past winter, my Cub Pack went to Winter Camp at Cypress Mountain. My favourite thing was the sledding because we made an awesome toboggan run. There were ups and downs and ridges and turns. It was very very very long! Everyone went on it including the Scouters and the parents.

We learned how to work together as a team to build the track, and then when we were going down, to avoid collisions! Next year, I hope we can build an even better toboggan run!”

Meet Joshua, Fraser Valley Council

Joshua, Jr YSP“My entire Scouting Group went to Family Camp at Camp Byng on the Sunshine Coast in BC. The Cubs stayed in sleeping hulls (tarped huts) and we named ours ‘The Den of Smelly Socks.’ My Cub Pack’s theme for the camp was a mashup of Harry Potter, Mission Impossible, and pirates: ‘The Impossible Mission of Harry Pirate.’

We made Harry Potter wands, did archery using homemade pirate-themed targets, learned how to use pocket knives, play quidditch, and had a Mission Impossible treasure hunt. During family time, I explored the beach with my dad (Akela) and some of my friends. I had a great time and am looking forward to my 3rd year in Cubs in the fall.”

Meet Dylan G., Pacific Coast Council

Dylan, Jr YSP“I went to Cub Camp and I met new friends. We learned how to use a compass and build a shelter. It was a lot of fun we did not get lost or get wet, and I want to do it again!”

Check out Dylan’s fun videos from camp where he gives quick updates on his Cub adventures:

Meet Marcus M., Chinook Council

Marcus, Jr YSP“In May, me and my Pack went on a nature walk with Beavers. We skipped rocks and found out which ones worked the best, and then we ended it with a popsicle. I enjoy going out on walks with my Pack and learning about our community.”

Meet Dylan M., Pacific Coast Council

Dylan, Jr YSP“Our pack went to the Telus World of Science for the Science World Camp-In. This was my first year with Cubs and my first sleep-over too, and what a great first time!

In early evening, we met up with other Scouts and partnered up to explore all of the exhibits on our own. It was pretty awesome being on our own with a partner and choosing what to see.

We also watched a movie in the special Omnimax theatre about the Earth and light and astronaut travel. I could have never have had a cooler experience if I wasn’t a Cub this year—I’ll definitely sign up for this Camp-In again!”

Meet Sydney, Voyageur Council

Sydney, Jr YSP“The time I slept in a cave with my Pack was so much fun. It took an hour and a half to drive to the cave and when we got there it was raining, but then we went ziplining! After we had that amazing experience we got to go on a tour of the cave—we saw this cool hole with water that looked sooo pretty.

The most exciting part was that I got to sleep in a cave, it was super fun and I really want to go again!”


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