The 1st Cedar Hill Group fuels Jamboree adventures through a customized sales approach & parent engagement

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The 1st Cedar Hill Group, which has been selling Scout Popcorn for almost 15 years now, has been able to increase its sales by more than 124% on their last campaign; despite a significant drop the year prior. Tara Poilievre, the Group’s Popcorn Coordinator, revealed the secrets behind their success to ScoutingLife.

“Last year we had a “pie a Scouter of your choice” contest for youth selling $250 or more worth of Scout Popcorn. When we held this event during our BP buffet, the parents and kids really got hyped up about it, so we tried it again this year using it as a way to drive sales. As a result, 22 youth reached $250 in sales, compared the only 7 the previous year.” revealed Tara.

Despite not having an official reward program, the Group gave out pins, which proved to be a good incentive for the Beaver and Cub Scouts. Tara also mentioned that she received many more questions about the Scout Popcorn Scholarship Program (awarded to youth who sells for $ 2,500 and up) this year than in previous years.

Another key element of the Group’s Popcorn campaign success is parent engagement. “We had one parent representative per Section (not a Scouter or volunteer) who would motivate their Section each week. It’s a great way to include parents in our activities and to have fresh faces. It’s also a great way to make parents understand that selling popcorn helps finance great, safe Scouting adventures, and lowers the costs for them, “said Tara.

Since becoming the Popcorn Coordinator five years ago, Tara has also been focusing on a more customized sales approach with her Group. For example, her four children use the same route each year developing a relationship with customers over the years. They keep an eye out for them every Scout Popcorn season!

“I keep a log of what the clients bought, their names and addresses. That way you can recognize the people at the door and address them by name. It’s a more personal approach. As a result, my kids are able to sell between $ 500 and $ 1,000 each,” said Tara. The Group also encourages older Scouts to accompany younger ones to sell door to door. Money transfer is also a good option to keep in mind since most people do not have cash on them these days.

Thanks to all the efforts from the members of the 1st Cedar Hill Group. Scout Popcorn not only helps the Group fund amazing camps and adventures every year, but many Scouts have also used those funds to participate in previous Jamborees. The funds will even help some get to PJ 2019!


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