Campfire Songs, Skits and Cheers

Campfires are a special part of Scouting. A formal campfire can be nothing short of magical, but the enchantment can fade when the whole experience grows too familiar. Tired of the same old songs, skits and cheers being performed at your campfires?

Discover and create new songs, skits, stories and cheers to keep the magic alive and help your youth try something new!

Here’s a sample of the great content you can find in The Scouts Canada Campfire Book—available at the Scout Shop, where all proceeds go back into Scouting.

Song: The Animal Fair

I went to the animal fair,
The birds and the beasts were there.
The old baboon, by the light of the moon,
Was combing his auburn hair.
The funniest was the monk,
He climbed up the elephant’s trunk.
The elephant sneezed, fell onto his knees,
And what became of the monk?
The monk, the monk, the monk, the monk, the monk?

Variation: After the first sing through, a small group can sing the last line over and over as a chant while the rest sing the song a second time as a round.

Song: The Little Green Frog

Ka yunk! went the little green frog one day,
Ka yunk! went the little green frog;
Ka yunk! went the little green frog one day,
And his eyes went yenk yank yunk!
Now all the little frogs go
CLAP la-di-da-di-da, CLAP la-di-da-di-da, CLAP la-di-da-di-da
Now we all know frogs go
CLAP la-di-da-di-da, but they still go yenk yank yunk!

Skit: Lion Tamer

Cast: 4-5 youth

Action: Two or more youth watching one youth crack a whip or wield a stool at another youth who is strutting and clucking like a chicken. The dialogue is between the youth observing the lion tamer and the chicken.

First: What’s [lion tamer’s name] doing?
Second: Practising.
First: Practising what?
Second: S/he wants to be a lion tamer.
First: But that’s not a lion. That’s a chicken!
Third: So is [lion tamer’s name]!

Skit: No Skit

Cast: Several youth, one Scouter

Action: One youth stands alone, crying loudly. Second youth approaches and sympathetically asks what is wrong. First youth whispers something in his/her ear. Second youth starts to cry very loudly as well. Repeat until all the youth are crying.

Scouter approaches and asks what is wrong.

Youth look to the Scouter: We don’t have a skit!

Cheer: Mosquito

zzzzzzzzzzzzzz (trace the flight of a mosquito with your finger)
Clap hands once, loudly, saying: “GOTCHA!”

Cheer: Train

Chu, chu, chu (facing left)
Chu, chu, chu (facing right)
Chu, chu, chu (facing left)
Phush – Whoo whoo!

Campfire gatherings are a Scouting favourite. Not only are they a lot of fun for all involved, but they’re also a great way for youth to explore a number of Program Areas at once—including Leadership, Environment & Outdoors and Creative Expression.

The Scouts Canada Campfire Book has many more songs, skits and cheers to offer. It also includes great tips on how to create a wonderful campfire atmosphere, minimize the environmental impact of your campfire, and bring your campfire to a close in a memorable way.


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