CCJ 2020: 800 Cubs, Seven Days, One Amazing Experience

Hope was eight-years-old when she attended the Canadian Cub Jamboree. That was three years ago, but she still has vivid memories of the fun she and her Cub Pack-mates crammed into one week.

“There were so many events!” she says. “My favourite was swimming. There was a pool right there, so we went every day which was great because it was so hot! Oh, except for the day we went to the water park. We went on a bus and spent the whole day there! I loved that,” Hope reflects.

“And the skits!” she exclaims before jumping into a one-tween version of the campfire favourite, ‘Peanuts.’

“Archery, robotics, swimming, rock climbing, campfire skits, fireworks, LEGO challenges — the list of activities is long and impressive, with a bit of something for everyone. “

Clearly picking just one favourite event from the week-long camp was a tall order, and no wonder! Archery, robotics, swimming, rock climbing, campfire skits, fireworks, LEGO challenges—the list of activities is long and impressive, with a bit of something for everyone.

“I was a bit nervous before I went,” confesses Hope, “There were a few events I wasn’t sure about. Like archery. I didn’t think I could do it, but I watched a friend try and his arrow landed in the ground right in front of him. I realized it was okay to not be perfect.”

Camp with Cubs from across Canada

The Canadian Cub Jamboree, or CCJ, is a great opportunity to introduce Cub Scouts like Hope to the exciting world of Scouting jamborees. The event typically attracts about 800 youth from across Canada to Everton Scout Camp in Rockwood, Ontario. For many attendees, it’s their first time experiencing such a large event.

“Everton is the perfect location for CCJ,” says Colin Ballantyne, Group Commissioner for the 1st Port Nelson Scout Group in Burlington, Ontario. “It’s got great facilities, including the pool and a river that runs through the camp. The pool, in particular, is a great bonus as the weather can be pretty hot in mid-summer.”

Bow and Arrow at CCJ

Colin is also one of four Camp Chiefs for the next CCJ, which is themed ‘Space!’, and is scheduled for July 26th – August 1st, 2020.

“I guess you could say I got caught up in the fun and excitement of the camp when I was there with my Pack. I figured, why not get involved? It’s only an hour a week, right?” Colin shares.

The team is putting the finishing touches on their program and will be opening registration in May, 2019. While pricing isn’t finalized yet, it will be great a value for what you get.

“You bring your youth, tents and gear; we’ll provide a great program and fully-catered meal plan,” Colin invites.

Offer of Service Opportunity

CCJ also provides an opportunity for older youth to attend as Offer of Service, and Scout Callista is planning on doing just that.

“At CCJ ‘13, I rode in a hot air balloon, rock climbed, watched a magician make my friend levitate, had water fights, held a 10-foot snake and met other Cubs from across Ontario and even Canada,” Callista recalls, “I left that camp with tired eyes, a big smile, and amazing memories.”

I left that camp with tired eyes, a big smile, and amazing memories.

Scout, Callista

“I can’t wait to experience the magic all over again, this time from the perspective of an Offer of Service, rather than a participant,” she adds. “My entire family will be there. My youngest brother and sister are attending as participants, my father is camp chief, my mother is a Scouter, and my other two brothers will be joining me as Offer of Service,” Callista shares.

Scout, Callista

Registration opens in May 2019

If you are interested in bringing your Cub Pack, follow the CCJ 2020 Facebook page for updates and more information. Be sure to register in advance, as the camp usually sells out quickly!

“You don’t need to confirm your participant names when you register,” says Camp Chief, Matt Pitman, “Just enter your patrol, your expected number of attendees and submit a $250 deposit to hold your spot.”

Matt Pitman

As a tip, Matt reminds that attendees don’t have to all be from the same Cub Pack. “You can coordinate with other Scouting Groups in your area, which also gives you a greater pool of Scouters to pull from.”

Hope adds a final tip from her personal experience, “It’s dusty!” she says. “Bring shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty, and plan to wash your feet before bed every night!”


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