Gear Review: Eureka Tagalong Pack Chair

Campfires are one of the most memorable, important and fun aspects of camping. They are also an important tradition in Scouting. One of the things that can make it even more enjoyable is when you can sit around the fire and share a seat with a friend—or even better, have your own seat! What better way to do that then with the Eureka Tagalong Pack Chair?

Found at your local Scout Shop or on, the Eureka Tagalong Pack Chair is compact, sturdy and lightweight, and can very easily fit inside (or attached to the outside) of your pack. Made with a feather-like aluminium frame, ski tip wide style feet and nylon fabric, it only weighs 1 kg (2.2lb) and can support a weight of up to 100kg (220lb). It packs to the size of a loaf of bread, and can very easily go anywhere with you, even in your canoe. It also comes with a storing pouch and instructions to set it up, making it an easy camping companion.

I had the chance to bring it to my last winter camp and was amazed by this chair’s performance. I was able to take it out of its bag and set it up in under a minute with the magnetic legs that snapped into place just like tent poles. Even though I left the chair outside in the cold March weather the chair was absolutely fine the next morning—the fabric didn’t stiffen at all.

With an angle that’s perfect for your back, even if you’ve been sitting for a long time, the chair is surprisingly sturdy for being so compatible, allowing me to carve sticks safely while sitting in the chair. I Even my fellow Scouts and Scouters took turns in the chair and agreed that it’s a solid gear item!

While the Tagalong Pack Chair lives up to Eureka’s high standards, I encountered two small issues. Firstly, a small ember from the fire found its way onto the fabric, burning a hole through it. While the fabric is great for supporting weight, it wasn’t durable enough for sitting too close to a fire. Secondly, when I was trying to pack up my chair, the magnetic legs didn’t snap back into place easily. I fixed that issue quickly, as I realized that holding the legs separately made it easier to pack up the chair.

Overall, the Eureka Tagalong Pack Chair is perfect for any outdoor needs—from camping to hiking and canoeing or even sports events, festivals, beaches, picnics and more! It is a wonderful chair that I will definitely be using in the future as it is light, portable and comfortable. Bring one along on your next adventure by heading over to the Scout Shop! Not only do all their proceeds go back into Scouting, but the staff are also very knowledgeable and will help you with your gear for your next adventure.


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