Gear Review: Face the Rain with the Qikpac jacket

Don’t let the rain get you down with the Qikpac waterproof pack-away jacket. With its many colour options, compatible and lightweight fabric, and its breathable ventilation pockets, the Qikpac will keep you dry on a wet camping trip, drizzling hike or a breezy paddle!

Thanks to real Scouting youth, volunteers and parents, we’ve got some honest feedback from our community to help you keep dry on your next Scouting adventure.

Scouter, Dean Logan (AB) – 10/10 Rating

The Qikpac jacket is pretty awesome and has replaced my old one as the resident waterproof layer stored in my pack. The fit is good; the elastic cuffs, drawstrings, and taped seams help to seal you in from the elements. It’s got nice deep pockets to keep your hands tucked in or to store those common items that you might want to access quickly.  The pockets also zip up, and all of the zippers seems good and strong and have handy elastic pulls on them for an easy grab.

It’s a very lightweight jacket and it packs down small so as not to use up too much room in the backpack. It’s surprisingly warm for such a lightweight jacket, and the venting helps to keep moisture from building inside due to body heat. Last but not least, the lime green on black are fashionable colours and I’m confident that I don’t look like a cod fisherman rowing his dory back to shore.


Scout, Oliver F. (ON) – 9/10 Rating

I wore the Qikpac jacket to different outdoor activities throughout the fall, including hiking, biking and camping.

When I brought the jacket to fall camp at Camp Opemikon, I could still easily fit it in my backpack, even though it was full because it packs up into a really small pouch. During my daily bike ride to school (often in high winds), I found that the jacket is completely windproof, and is able to keep me warm for the whole journey. I even wore this jacket hiking in the forest during a rainstorm!

The Qikpac jacket uses taped seams and a mesh interior to keep it waterproof, yet breathable. The hood and bottom of the jacket are also fully adjustable. I wish I had pants made of the same material!

The only downside to this jacket is that it isn’t insulated. On cold days, I recommend wearing a sweater underneath the jacket. Overall, I recommend the jacket to anyone who enjoys getting outdoors a lot. It is very versatile and is a great choice!


Rover Scout, Deanna DiVito (ON) – 8/10 Rating

Rain and I don’t get along and I was hoping the Qikpac Jacket would change that! Upon receiving the jacket, I found it was lightweight and breathable. I tested it out on an urban hike with my mom in Mississauga. With average rain and wind conditions, it held up well! I stayed dry for the duration of the hike and rarely overheated.

This jacket has a lot of features that make it attractive to Scouts and the adventures we go on. One of my favourite features is its small packing size. It makes it easy to carry it with me no matter what! It’s adjustable hood and hem is also important, as it makes it easy to cinch the jacket tight around your face or hips to make sure that extra wind and rain won’t find its way into your jacket. The Qikpac’s breathability also held up throughout my hike. Even with my two layers underneath, I was a comfortable temperature for my entire urban hike

A quick note about this jacket is that the sizing is very generous. I probably could have gone down another size. Remember to check out the size guide before buying! While I found this jacket is not beneficial for extreme weather, for the average rainy day at camp or bike ride around the city it will keep you dry and comfortable, which is the most important!


Scouting Parent, Sanja Savić Kallesøe (BC) – 8.5/10 Rating

I took my Qikpac jacket on a kayak trip to Deer Lake in Burnaby, BC. It was a warm fall day but windy and overcast with a chance of rain. I am a passionate kayaker and am always looking for ways to better my trips by practising my skills and having reliable equipment.

When I tested out the Qikpac Jacket, I was surprised by how breathable it was. I wore only a t-shirt underneath and paddled quite hard, but the jacket was perfect for keeping me protected from light wind, while at the same time allowing steam to escape while I was paddling fast.

When choosing a size for the jacket, I suggest sticking to what your average size is in typical retail stores for light clothing. The material is durable but the colour is too dark (if you buy the black jacket), especially if it were to be used at night as there is no reflective tape.


Rover Scout, Kaitlyn Patterson (QC & NS) — 8/10 Rating

The day my Qikpac jacket arrived, it just so happened to be raining—how fitting. My instant thought when I pulled the jacket out was that I couldn’t even begin to think how something so thin would keep the Nova Scotia rain out. I was wrong! Not only did this jacket keep me dry, I did not feel the need to change my base layers which is normally the case with my other raincoats.

The jacket also features a ventilated back yoke and arm vents that were beneficial on those humid rainy days, keeping my clothing underneath from getting damp. The biggest benefit of the Qikpac jacket is that it can be folded down into a small pouch which makes it ideal to take backpacking or even to just throw into a daypack without it taking up too much room or weighing you down.

The only downside I found with this product is the sizing. I should have ordered a size larger than I normally do, to allow room for a thicker sweater underneath for those cooler outdoor activity days. Overall, this jacket exceeds my expectations and I look forward to the next rainy adventure I get to take it on.

Be sure to keep dry on your next Scouting adventure with the Qikpac jacket, available at our Scout Shop in-store or online, where all proceeds go back into Scouting.


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