A Cross-Canada Guide to Unforgettable Day Trips with Your Family

Canada has so many ways to enjoy nature. All across the country, there are fantastic summer adventure opportunities await!

Make the most of the summer and enjoy a day outing as a family. For your family adventure, look for ways to give back to the community while you explore.

Discover the Phenomenal Bay of Fundy Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick

Did you ever think you could walk across the ocean floor? Visit the Bay of Fundy’s Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick and experience this adventure! The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world—the tides can reach up to 15m, which is the height of a four-story building! When the tide goes out, explore Hopewell Rocks, a collection of unique formations formed by erosion over thousands of years.

Celebrate the summer weather by planning a family trip to Hopewell Rocks (often referred to as Flowerpot Rocks). The park is open from mid-May to mid-October, and there’s plenty more to fill your day with adventurous fun for the whole family.

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Experience Exhilarating Rapids New World Rafting, Quebec

Take on the rapids as a family this summer! Can you make it through the rapids without falling out? New World Rafting offers whitewater rafting experiences for all ages. You will even get the chance to swim or bodysurf your way down the river. Spend the day out on the water with an activity that the whole family will enjoy. You will practice paddling skills and learn how to keep safe while in and on the water.

Start by figuring out which rafting adventure fits your family. Keep an eye on the weather to ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your time out on the water. Guides at New World will prioritize safety throughout this adventure.

Make this a learning experience about our waters.  How can we keep our waters cleaner? How can we stay safe out on the water?

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Learn on the Great Spirit Circle Trail Manitoulin Island, Ontario

No school? Summer is still a great time to learn new things. Take part in nature-based and cultural tourism—experience an Aboriginal perspective on Manitoulin Island. Your options range from soft adventures to wilderness eco-adventures.  Immerse yourself into the rich culture, retrace ancient canoes routes and explore the natural beauty of this very special region. You’ll have the opportunity to explore, hike, paddle and learn.

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Explore Where Dinosaurs Roamed Drumheller, Alberta

In Drumheller, the Dinosaur Capital of the World, you can walk where the dinosaurs roamed. Fill your day with exploration, education and entertainment, and you have an adventure that is fun for the whole entire family. Drumheller, Alberta offers a variety of experiences. Start by determining what activities fit best for you and your family. For an in-depth experience, experience the world’s largest dinosaur fossil excavation site.

Make this an opportunity to learn about species extinction. How long ago did dinosaurs roam the earth? Where did they go?

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Travel the North Star Rails to Trails Cranbrook, British Colombia

Travel the North Star Rails to Trails from Cranbook, BC to Kimberly, BC. You can bike, inline skate or hike this scenic route in British Columbia. The entire trail is 28km long, but simply find a starting point that works best for your family and get the most out of the experience. Stop along the way and see what wildlife you can spot. Can you find the waterfalls? Keep an eye out for ice cream shops along the route—a perfect stop a perfect summer treat! Start by planning a day trip that fits with the weather forecast. Be prepared for any type of weather that could occur.

Why not add a family service project to this adventure?  As a family, give back by picking up litter along your route. Make sure you have the proper equipment and resources available.

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