Gear Review: Osprey Renn 65L

Choosing the right backpack for your adventure can be tough, but thankfully, Osprey makes it easy with their versatile and durable packs. The Renn 65L is my new go-to backpack for extensive day hikes or overnight trips.

The size is a great backpack to invest in for shorter trips (1-2 nights) with room to spare, but its many compartments also leave room for longer trips (3+ nights). The Renn 65L is very comfortable to carry, with additional features like an internal hydration sleeve, built-in rain cover, removable sleeping pad straps and more.

Suspension System

One of the best things is the suspension system, as it’s super easy to adjust to fit a wide range of people. The chest straps are also moveable so you can move these up or down, depending on your torso length and comfort. The back panel is also super breathable which is a bonus to avoid unwanted back sweat. The adjustability allows for maximum comfort and it is compact, making it a lightweight packing option—which is a bonus!

Rain Cover

If you’re in the market for a new pack, always consider options that offer a built-in rain cover, as buying one separately can add an extra ~$50 to the purchase of your new pack. Thankfully, the Renn 65 has a rain cover included in the cost so you don’t have an additional purchase to make.

Hip Pockets

One of my favourite things to do while hiking is to take photos, and hip pockets make taking pictures so easy by keeping your camera or phone accessible. Gone are the days of having to take your entire pack off to snap a pic! Hip pockets are also handy for storing little things that could easily get lost, or handy trail companions like sunscreen or snacks.

Top Pocket

This pocket provides easy access to larger items that won’t fit in your hip pockets or don’t get used as frequently. I found that putting my rain jacket in this pocket was perfect, as I could reach back and grab it easily while on the trail without having to unbuckle the straps of my pack. The top pocket is great for other practical large items like your hat or first aid kit.

Bottom Compartment

The bottom compartment of the pack separates contents from the main compartment, allowing easy access for a sleeping bag, shoes or other items that need to stay separate from the rest of your gear. The main-bottom divider can also be removed, so you can have one big compartment to maximize space.

The Straps

An added bonus to this pack is all of the extra straps available to compress your gear externally. This helps you keep your balance on the trail as your centre of gravity won’t move around. There are also lots of loops so you can clip or strap on extra gear for maximum space.

Internal Hydration Sleeve

The Renn 65L has an internal hydration sleeve that comes in handy for keeping up your water intake on the trail. If you don’t have a water bladder and prefer using a bottle, this pocket can be used for extra storage instead.

Overall, Osprey’s Renn 65L is an amazing pack that is well built for all of your future adventures. Swing by the Scout Shop where experienced sales associates can help you find the right gear for your Scouting needs, or find it online.


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