Campfire Cooking: Bacon and Eggs in a Paper Bag

For a fun over-the-campfire breakfast that’s light on dishes, try bacon and eggs in a paper bag. If a meal can be both easy and challenging at the same time, this is it!


  • Eggs – 2 per person
  • Bacon (thickly-sliced) – 2-3 slices per person

For this breakfast, you’ll need eggs, bacon and a paper bag (one per person). You’ll also need a good bed of campfire coals, and a handwashing station.

To start, take a piece of bacon in hand and rub it on the inside of a paper lunch sack so that it’s thoroughly lined with grease. This will prevent the bag from burning. Put the bacon in the bag (you might want to add another piece or two) and add two eggs.

Fold the bag down from the top two or three times. The folds should be a few centimetres in width.

Use a thick stick to poke a hold in the middle of the bag just below the folds, and push the bag back on the stick so that it won’t fall off the end.

Cook the bacon and eggs by holding the bag near the coals for five to seven minutes, exposing the bag evenly to the heat. The bag might smolder, but should not ignite. However, be prepared with extra bacon, eggs and paper bags—just in case anybody’s breakfast catches fire.

When the bacon and eggs are finished cooking, you can eat your breakfast right of the bag and burn the waste in the fire. Just be sure to thoroughly burn the waste to ash so that your fire pit doesn’t smell of bacon and attract animals (like bears). As always, tend your fire closely, and thoroughly extinguish your fire before leaving your campsite.


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