Gear Review: Eureka Mountain Isolation 65L

Every successful adventure begins with the right equipment. If you are planning on going camping or travelling, picking the right backpack is essential.

The Eureka Mountain Isolation 65L backpack has many great features and could just be what you are looking for. This backpack has 2 aluminium stays to help support your back and padded 3D spacer mesh on the hip and shoulder straps to help make this backpack more comfortable for longer treks. Once you have adjusted this backpack for your body size, it will remain in place while you are on the move. The large 65L pack has a dimension of 91 cm length, 33 cm width and 23 cm depth, and it is suitable for a torso from 40-53 cm.


The Eureka Mt. Isolation backpack has two main compartments separated by a drawstring which helps isolate your gear. Inside the pack, there are 3 smaller pockets which help to further divide your stuff, as well as a hydration sleeve where you may insert a hydration bladder.  On the outside of this backpack, there are 8 pockets of various sizes which allow you to readily access equipment you may need while on your adventure. There is also dual ice axe loops with axe retainers, as well as sleeping pad lash webbing on the bottom.


The top lid has adjustable straps which enhance the versatility of this backpack for different types of adventures. The largest of the main compartments can be accessed through a twin zipper, which is great if you have a large item to carry. This backpack also comes with a brightly coloured rain cover to protect it from the elements.


I have had the chance to use the Eureka Mt. Isolation 65L backpack on a few scouting adventures and it worked out really well for my needs. I really enjoyed being able to separate my clothes from my gear in the main compartment, and having access to each independently.   The many external pockets allowed me to further separate items needed for quick access.    Despite my small size, I was able to adjust this pack and it fit me well and comfortably.

If you are interested in more information about the Eureka Mt. Isolation 65L backpack, then head on over to your local ScoutShop (or shop online at where you will find friendly staff that can help fine-tune the adjustments of this sturdy backpack to personalize your fit. I look forward to getting out on my next winter camping adventure, knowing that my gear will stay dry and that I will have all the room I need for the extra winter essentials.

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