Success on the Path: New STEM Adventures

Scouts Canada’s STEM program has been offering Scouting youth fun and exciting adventure opportunities for over half a decade. Whether testing out individual STEM Trail Cards, tackling the collection of activities in a STEM Kit or checking out the STEM adventures offered at jamborees, there are many great ways that youth can make exploring science, technology, engineering and mathematics a part of their Scouting experience.

Even more great new STEM opportunities will be “rolling out” soon! Later this fall, Scouts Canada’s new Sphero STEM kits will be available in select communities across Canada. Some members will be fortunate enough to have programmed and controlled some of Scouts Canada’s new Sphero robots earlier this year. Scouts Canada STEM volunteers and staff were happy to showcase the Spheros at the Canada-Wide Science Fair in Fredericton and at the Pacific Jamboree, among other events. Everywhere they turned up, the Spheros were a big hit—and the adventures are just getting started!

The new Sphero kits are designed for Beaver Scouts and Cub Scouts, giving our youngest Sections the opportunity to explore robotics and programming through age-appropriate activities. (Scouts was the first Section to have a STEM kit, and Scouts Canada’s Robotics Kits are still going strong!) The Sphero kits allow Beavers and Cubs to explore programming and controlling through a terrific variety of activities. Beavers and Cubs alike can use the Spheros to paint pictures, race around tracks and through obstacle courses, and even play billiards! Every adventure is a fun way for Beavers and Cubs to explore their creativity while honing new skills, becoming well-rounded young people better prepared for success in the world.

Stay tuned to find out how your Beaver Colony or Cub Pack can borrow a Sphero kits for its next great STEM adventure! You can look forward to more details later this fall.


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