Gear Review : The Midori 2 Plus Tent

A tent is an extremely important piece of equipment when you are going camping. The right tent can really make the adventure that much more amazing whereas the wrong tent can turn your adventure upside down. If you are looking for a tent and you want one that is water resistant, light, easy to set up and allows for fresh air, then this is the Midori 2 Plus tent is the one to choose.

We tested this tent with my Troop on Earth Day (how cool is that?) while it was pouring rain which gave us a great opportunity to see how water resistant is really was. When we woke up in the morning everything was dry, and we were pleasantly surprised.

One of the challenges that we encountered when first setting up the tent is that the fly is narrower on one side than it is on the other, and don’t worry, it’s intentional. The tent was made so that you put your feet on the narrower end and your heads on the wider side, which gives you lots of elbow room. I think that this design is pretty neat. Another thing that surprised us when setting up the tent is that the fly pole doesn’t attach to the actual fly, but rather it attaches onto the tent itself to create an arch in the tent. We found that the blue fly pole works better when it goes on top of the two green poles and not underneath.

Some of the good things about this tent are that the clips to attach the poles to the tent body attach easily, which makes it easier in cold situations because your hands will not hurt when you try to clip or unclip them. The tent is also breathable and features the High/Low ventilation system to stop it from becoming stuffy inside when it is raining. On a clear night, you could easily sleep with the fly off the tent giving you a clear view of the stars. I’m looking forward to using this tent in the summer on a backpacking trip with my Scout Troop.


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