11 Scouting Essential Stocking Stuffers

The holiday season is a great opportunity to outfit the Scout in your life with some of the gear we should all have for our adventures. Here are 11 Scouting essentials to keep in mind for your next visit to the Scout Shop:

  • Mess Kit: Every Scout needs dishes when camping. Rather than ransacking your kitchen, be prepared with a durable, lightweight, camping-specific mess kit. Scouts Canada’s branded mess kit includes a cup, a bowl, a plate, a cutlery set and a mesh bag—all for just $24.99!
  • Headlamp: Many Scouters grew up using handheld flashlights on their camping adventures, but thanks to LED technology, headlamps are now the most common gear campers use to light their way. Headlamps are sturdy, lightweight and affordable—and best of all, wearers can keep both of their hands free!
  • Whistle: Every Scout should be prepared with a whistle on any adventure. The Fox 40 is a Canadian classic: a pea-less whistle that won’t freeze or jam. ….Did we mention it’s really loud? That too.
  • Water bottle: It’s extremely important to stay hydrated when sharing Scouting adventures, and the best way to keep drinking is to be prepared with a personal water bottle. A standard Nalgene bottle is lightweight, durable and compatible with most water filters.
  • Emergency blanket: Be prepared for an unexpected stay in the wilderness with an emergency blanket. The Coughlan’s emergency blanket is so compact and lightweight, it’s easy to forget it’s even in your pack—until you need it!
  • Compass: Even without the aid of a map, a compass can be an invaluable tool for staying on track—or, in a pinch, getting back on track.
  • Personal first aid kit: While a well-stocked group first aid kit is a must for every Scouting adventure, it’s also a great idea for every individual Scout to have a few first aid essentials on hand.
  • Handwarmers: It’s winter, which means having handwarmers available can really save the day on a Scouting adventure! Whether tucked in gloves when fingers get cold or tucked in a sleeping bag when sleeping in a quinzhee, this is one bit of kit Scouts are glad to have when the mercury drops!
  • Firesteel: Matches are certainly a good way to light a campfire, but they have a tendency to run out. A firesteel will give a Scout countless cracks at starting a campfire—while mastering a new skill at the same time.
  • Leatherman Squirt Ps4: A multi-tool takes the traditional pocketknife to the next level. Scouts will find the Leatherman Squirt Ps4’s signature pliers a valuable addition to the blade, file and scissors on the pocketknife they already carry.
  • Tick key: Unfortunately, ticks are more and more common in many parts of Canada. Reacting quickly and appropriately to a tick can be the difference between contracting Lyme disease or avoiding it. A tick key is a tool any Scout should have on hand when sharing an adventure in known tick country.


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