3rd Fonthill’s New Venturer Company

Since 2016, 3rd Fonthill Scouting has seen significant growth in members: our Group has grown by more than two dozen members in recent years. This year saw the addition of a new Venturer Company to the Group—something we’ve not had for a few years. While starting small, the Company is an opportunity for older youth to remain involved in Scouting—so our Group isn’t only growing with new members, but retaining more of our existing members, too. Driven by youth-led Scouting ideals and supported by knowledgeable Scouters, the Company has been highly active and engaged in several adventures since its formation in September.

Comprised of youth who are both new to The Canadian Path and those who have come up through Scouts, the Company gelled together quickly during the Group’s all-Section camp in September. Following this camp, the Company went on to participate in Apple Day fundraising and an Apple Day camp with the Scout Troop, and attended Genesis Vent Moot at Camp BEL in Dorchester, Ontario. One of the Ventures, who is new to Scouting, has already completed the golden match challenge.

The Company has been very active in assisting the Scouters in the younger Sections as well.  Members of the Company assisted with coaching Scoutcraft Skills at 3rd Fonthill’s all-Section camp, and helped instruct Emergency Aid Skills for the Cub Pack during its Zombie Fist Aid night in October.

After participating in a full Scouting campfire in September, the Company was inspired to learn more about the whole process and ran a successful and fun-filled campfire for the Beaver Colony. In addition, the Venturers have connected with other Companies nearby, planning some exciting adventures in 2020.

“Show them the framework for planning based on The Canadian Path, then let them run with it.”

For Company Scouters Cam McLaren and Euan McKendrick, the formula for success was a simple one: provide an opportunity for Ventures to get together and show them the framework for planning based on The Canadian Path, then let them run with it. Having both come through Scouting in Canada and the United Kingdom respectively, Cam and Euan were able to draw from their experiences to help encourage the Venturers to create something that would allow them a variety of new adventures.

According to Cam, the best recruiting tool they were able to use was to help the youth “plan something really cool for a weekend so that the Venturers would then share their excitement about it at school on Monday morning.”


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  • John Davidson

    Wow!!!! Great job guys. Hand the Venturer’s the program and they will do the rest. Scouting is such a great way to learn life skills that last forever. Keep up the great work.