Ready for Tonnes of Adventures?

Great Adventures Start with Scout Popcorn!

December usually brings the cold weather, but it also brings an end to our Scout Popcorn fundraiser, after the review phase in November. Scout Popcorn has helped me learn so many cool skills when planning and it’s given me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, travel across the country, and will soon help me travel to other countries.

A few years ago, Scout popcorn helped me get to the Canadian Jamboree in Halifax  where we had the chance to meet scouts from all over Canada and explore this new city. We had the opportunity to learn some new skills in a different environment. Our troop also  took the train to Nova Scotia on that same trip, which was a first for most of us, we got to visit Peggy’s Cove and even try lobster. As scouts, we were recognized while wandering down the  streets in Halifax, which felt nice being so far away from home.

This past summer, Scout Popcorn helped me fundraise to go to British Columbia for the Pacific Jamboree. Our troop had the opportunity to go whale watching, work with scouts from all over Canada and different parts of the world, and do many other activities we wouldn’t have been able to do normally. We even met a scout from Austria who wasn’t in BC for the Jamboree but was visiting with her family.  I traded my PJ badges for her necker.

The Pacific Jamboree gave me the opportunity to explore another part of Canada that I had never visited before and to see how Groups from all over the country participate in Scouting.

Before the Jamboree started, we were given the opportunity to visit and explore the Canadian Coast Guard, and after PJ we took a tour of the Esquimalt Naval base. We also toured the HMS Ottawa frigate and a submarine.

Next summer a group of 200 scouts from Canada will be going to the Kandersteg International Scout Center (KISC). KISC is like a permanent mini jamboree. Baden Powell had a dream of creating a place where scouts could get together, meet scouts from all over the world, learn new skills in a different environment and empower youth as the years go on. Our troop will be part of those 200 scouts from Canada going to experience this mini jamboree in the alps of Switzerland! Scout Popcorn helps finance  most of our Group’s camps and activities even when they are not in Canada.

Scout Popcorn isn’t just used to fundraise for our big camps though, it also helps us do fun things like rock climbing, sledding and just learning new outdoor skills by doing more activities. We also use it to fundraise for our troops Live Action Role Playing (LARP) camp where we make our weapons out of foam, wood sticks and duct tape. We get a certain amount of coins for the weekend and you can earn more by  doing special things. You go around the entire weekend and whoever ends up with the most coins wins. Our Group also does an all sections themed camp every fall and we pick  and our Group also uses Scout Popcorn to fundraise for that.

All of these adventures that we have the opportunity to go on teach us more than I can explain, and give us the chance to explore beyond the reaches of our own houses.

Scout Popcorn has helped me travel to other parts of the country, discover new things, meet new people and develop important life skills.

Photo Credit: 23rd Nepean Geohunters Scout Group – Pacific Jamboree 2019


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