Let’s Celebrate Scout-Guide Week!

Do you know what Scouts-Guide Week is? Well, if you don’t here’s a quick introduction: Scout-Guide Week was created to celebrate the birthdays of both Lord Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Scouting movement and his wife Lady Olave Baden-Powell, the Chief Guide. The week was introduced in 1926 with the sole objective of celebrating both birthdays, but since then it has expanded to be a celebration of the common roots of both movements and all the great things that Scouts and Guides can accomplish when working together. During this week all kinds of events are hosted from banquets, to bottle drives to hiking outings. In a sense, the week is to remind everyone that the values and mission of both movements are essentially the same.

“Why is this week so important to Scouts?” you might ask. Well, there are many answers to that question, but the key is that it’s a good way to celebrate our movement and the relationship between Scouts and Guides. This amazing relationship has led to everything from jamborees to mountain summits. Personally, I know that when I attended the Cheshire jamboree in 2018, it was doubly fun simply due to the fact that multiple groups of guides shared in the experience.

During this week Scouts and guides do many cooperative events. In my experience with the Scout-Guide week, my Group has done a joint barbecue celebration with our local Guide Group to share our experiences and adventures. Some Groups organize more hands on activities with other local Groups like hiking or rock climbing, or event community events. I have even seen Groups organize major formal banquets. In the end, what each Group and Council decide to do to celebrate is up to them and everyone has their own spin on the festivities.

If you’re looking to host a celebratory activity for the birthdays of our founders and to celebrate both movements, there are so many ways to get started. I would definitely recommend to go talk to both your Group Leadership Team to see if something is planned, and then connect with your local Guide Group to see if they are interested in co-hosting an event. From that point, you can really organize any activity that you would like. You can find more activity ideas in this ScoutingLife article if you would like.

So the only thing left to say is: What are you doing to celebrate Scout-Guide Week?

And from myself and the whole scouting community: Happy birthday Lord Robert Baden-Powell and Lady Olave Baden-Powell! And thank you for all that you have done for these two movements!



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