5 Ways to Celebrate Scout-Guide Week: Feb. 16th-23rd

Each year our dynamic duo Lord Robert Baden-Powell and Chief Guide Lady Olave Baden-Powell are celebrated on their shared birthday of February 22nd.

With 170 National Scouting Organizations around the world, in addition to local Scouting activities that exist in at least another 58 countries and territories worldwide, we have reason to extend our celebration from 1 day to an entire week.

For more than four decades, Scouts and Guides have celebrated Scout-Guide Week nationwide. Scout-Guide Week has become a celebration of our roots as a Movement—a week to come together in recognition of our similar integrity and empowerment of youth leadership.

From February 16th-23rd in 2020, we will continue to appreciate one another, and our programs built on the foundation of shared values. We encourage Scouting and Guiding communities to join together this week in remembrance of the words of Lord Baden-Powell:

Meet Lord Baden-Powell, formally known as Lieutenant-General Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell:

Scouts and Guides bring happiness into the lives of their friends and neighbours by being good citizens who positively contribute to their communities.

Volunteering is always a great way to demonstrate the values of a good citizen.

To celebrate Scout-Guide Week, here are some fun Scouting activities youth can organize with their Group, or with their local Guides:

  1. Volunteer at a food bank or/and soup kitchen.
  2. Shovel snow for your neighbour or local community establishments.
  3. Raise money for a local initiative (or No One Left Behind) by organizing a bottle drive, garage sale, silent auction, bake sale, spaghetti dinner or even a concert or talent show.
  4. Offer to help someone you know who has a project or Scouting challenge to solve. Remember the first line of the Scout Law, ‘A Scout is always helpful and trustworthy’.
  5. Linking activities are also popular during Scout-Guide Week. Linking activities bring youth from various Sections together to get to know one another and collect a badge! Together you can dream up new community initiatives that brings happiness into the lives of others.

You can also find out more about Scout-Guide Week by reading this other informative ScoutingLife article.

In honour of the Lord and Lady Baden-Powell, let’s follow many Groups’s example and take the time to celebrate Scout-Guide Week this February 16-23rd!


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