Success on the Path: Canadian Path Wood Badge II …at Home

Although Scouts Canada has shifted its program online this spring, Scouters, youth and parents have shown the world that there is still so much Scouting to do.

In recent weeks, Scouters have shown a great deal of interest in beginning or continuing their Canadian Path Wood badge II using two new tools: the Scouter Development Map and Development Cards. The excitement around this method of continuous improvement comes from the way the program lends itself to time flexibility and individual customization. Scouters are also driven by the appeal of being credited for any skill they already have and developing their learning plan around what they need to improve on.

Completing your Wood Badge II from home can be a fun and rewarding way to use some of your time, connect with friends in the Scouting community, and prepare to deliver a fresh and energized program this fall.

Getting started has never been more convenient, easy and great for networking! To begin, choose a Support Scouter to guide and mentor you through the Wood Badge II program. Your mentor needs to be fully screened and active, completed their Wood Badge I for The Canadian Path, and have an honest and good working relationship with you. They need to understand the commitment, skills and time needed to facilitate the Wood Badge II program.

An ideal Support Scouter is resourceful, as they will be helping you to find the people and resources needed to learn the skills outlined on the Development Cards. A guide is available just for the Support Scouter, to help them in their journey with you.

With your Support Scouter, review each of the Development cards within the Wood Badge II Guide for Section Scouters. Together you can decide which of the four levels you are at in each skill, and reference your results against the Scouter Development Map. You will now be able to easily see which skills you need to learn and practise in order to complete your Wood Badge II!

How you fill in your learning gaps is completely up to you! How do you learn best? Do you have other Scouters you can reach out to? Is your Council hosting online skill-building sessions or seminars? Perhaps your Support Scouter can recommend a book on your needed topic. Have you checked out the Scouts Canada YouTube channel? You can even reach out to the youth, as many of our participants would be honoured to work together to help you practise and better understand skills such as outdoor adventure, youth-led Scouting or even safety. Don’t be shy about getting them involved; it’s important for them to see their mentors grow and try new things.

Understanding and delivering the Canadian Path program is important for the Scouting experience of our youth and the unity of Section Leadership Teams. As Scouters, we can add to our own experiences within the organization by constantly moving forward, keeping our sense of adventure and learning new skills.

If you need guidance with your Canadian Path Wood Badge II journey, reach out to your Group Commissioner, Relationship Manager, Group Support Scouter or Council Key 3. These amazing volunteers and staff are in place to assist you in your role; it’s helpful to let them know your goals and invite them into the conversations between you and your Support Scouter. There are many valuable resources—online, in print and in person—that can help you to fulfill your personal plan.


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