Empowering Youth: Alberta Scouter Creates 3D-Printed Wolf Heads

Justin, a Scouter in 159th Silver Springs, recently took on the initiative to create 3D-printed wolf heads for his Pack. The 3-D wolf heads are used by the Pack to present badges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Typically, when a Cub is presented with a badge at a physical meeting place, it is first placed inside the wolf head. After shaking hands with the presenting Scouter, the Cub must then fish out the badges they have earned from the wolf head’s mouth. This symbolizes the courage of the Cub. This tradition has been carried on during the pandemic thanks to the creation of the 3D-printed wolf heads. The wolf heads are left on Cubs’ doorsteps. When a badge is achieved, a Scouter visits the Cub’s home and places the badge inside of the wolf head’s mouth by the door.

Since the wolf heads were made, the Pack has earned Outdoor Adventure Skills badges, Personal Achievement badges and even a Language Strip. Badge-review virtual meetings are held specifically for those that have completed their goals. So far, about 30 badges have been delivered.

Justin has created approximately 25 wolf heads for his Pack. The base plate contains the name of the recipient and takes about four to five hours to print. Another four to five hours is needed to create the head. The 3D printer does most of the work, but design elements still need to be implemented for each wolf head, such as each youth’s name. Justin purchased the graphic for the wolf head from Thingiverse.

Since the inception of the wolf heads, the virtual programming of the Pack has been enhanced by the opportunity to receive a wolf head and have your badges delivered to your door. Cubs are also more inclined to complete badge requirements on their own. Scouters have also been more actively engaged and excited by the hard-working Cubs.

The Pack has been busy at virtual meetings with activities such as cooking, outdoor adventure skills presentations, local area presentations, scavenger hunts in the house, virtual orienteering using Google Maps, and a virtual hike of the John Janzen Canyon. The Pack has also stayed active with various weekly challenges outside of the virtual meetings.

The Cub Scout motto applies  to Cub Scouts, and also their Scouters. This is a fantastic example of how a Scouter has role modelled and shown his Cubs what it means to “Do Your Best.”


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