Virtual Summer Camp Winning Rave Reviews from Youth and Parents

What could be better than those cherished traditions of outdoor summer camp? Well, in case you haven’t heard, it’s Scouts Canada’s Virtual Summer Camp which promises new friendships, cool activities and awesome adventures without a single mosquito bite! That’s right, absolutely no bug bites, and no calamine lotion required. No stubbing your toe on tent pegs. And positively no getting sick on the car ride home because you ate too many marshmallows at the farewell campfire. Instead you have the chance to learn a new, bug-less and sunburn-free way of going to summer camp.

At Virtual Summer Camp you’ll get to meet other kids from across the country who are interested in hanging out during fun online sessions. There are lots of energized counsellors to help you with hands-on projects and experiments. You also get to go on exciting virtual journeys around the world and inside your own imagination.

Wrapping up on August 21st, 2020, don’t miss out on the last few weeks to to pack your creativity and sense of adventure (but not your mess kit) and board the virtual bus to camp!

How Does Virtual Summer Camp Work?

Kids between the ages of 8-13 can sign up for different one-week programs, or simply enjoy a single session for only $10. To participate in a session after registration, campers can login to the each live, one-hour session where they’ll chat with camp buddies and counsellors while exploring the material and activities for the day. Log off to get busy discovering and building, then log back on during the early afternoon for another live online session with everyone! This gives campers time to get ready to share what they’ve worked on and created before moving on to the next project. With two different sets of online sessions, time zones are never a problem.

Youth between the ages of 14-16 can sign up for the Counsellor-in-Training (CIT) program. While it still involves playing with glue, drawing and even baking, this one-week program lets youth explore work opportunities while enjoying fun, lively online sessions with camp pals and counsellors. Daily online sessions and assignments give youth hands-on experiences to develop program plans for campers, practicing interview skills and developing a resume that shows their skills to the world!

Weekly Camp Sessions for August

This first-ever Virtual Summer Camp has been an incredible learning experience for the counsellors, our brave new virtual campers and their families. Each week gets better and better as sessions focus on the activities campers have liked best and reflect feedback from their parents. Here’s how the rest of the summer looks, with different camp sections doing age-appropriate activities that might include:

Week 5 (August 4-7) – Out of This World: A Scouts Space Odyssey

Explore outer space: Build your own galaxy or a constellation viewer, design a lunar lander, figure out how to make a rocket launcher work, or design your own outer space fashion or baking for aliens.

Week 6 (August 10-14) – Camp Goes Disney+

During this week, you’ll have some fun with famous Disney+ characters and stories: invent signature dishes, build an aquarium, create puzzles and mind-benders, make your own cartoon flipbook or design a target game.

Week 7 (August 17-21) – Exploring Earth

You’ll be exploring our beautiful planet and some of the things that make it so amazing, from the deepest ocean to the tallest mountains, as you go on an adventure that celebrates the place we call home.

End of Year Virtual Campfire (August 21)

Join an online event featuring songs, skits, camper interviews and more, as we look back on this new and exciting experience together.

For more information about activities for each camp section and how to register, download this brochure or click here to register.

Parent Testimonials

“We didn’t know what to expect from Virtual Sumer Camp but enjoyed it enough to sign up for more sessions! The leaders were great and my child enjoyed meeting the other kids.”

“This has been great all week for my son. To be honest, it is even helping me ‘steal’ some ideas for the fall Cub season for our Group too, as we most likely will see some online meetings again.”

“I wasn’t sure how my son would handle the online [camp] or whether he would be bored, but he keeps telling me that he is really having fun!”

“Great ideas and kept them busy the entire time!”

“My child really enjoyed the CIT [Counsellor-in-Training] program and feels it will be extremely valuable to him. Thank you for putting in so much effort.”

“I just wanted you to be aware that the live sessions are great and their impact is going beyond the one-hour time slots!”

“As much as we are enjoying the sessions we also want to minimize screen time. So, we like the weekly challenge that was added since it’s something extra to do beyond the screen sessions.”


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