1st Lennoxville Scouts get ready for Summer Camp

The 1st Lennoxville’s summer camp is just around the corner and this means important preparations ahead.

For a camp to be truly successful, it is key to familiarize young participants – for whom camping is a fairly new experience – with the knowledge of setting up tents.

In our last meeting, our Cub Pack (ages 8-10) and Beaver Colony (ages 5-7) joined together for a session of everything tent-related.

We put up our tents; then took them down, and used the opportunity to learn about poles, frames and hooks, and how they all come together to secure the structure of our tents.

Safety rules were discussed too. The children pointed out, for example, that running in the vicinity of the tents should be strictly forbidden for fear of tripping over hooks and wires. We all agreed this was indeed a crucial rule to follow.

We proceeded with a competitive game, in which members were divided into teams and given the task of putting up a tent. Success was measured by attention to detail and teamwork rather than by speed, and included the challenge of disassembling the tent and fitting the entire kit back into its bag – a task which proved harder than it may have seemed at first, but which nonetheless, was met with many a giggle and much amusement.

The ultimate goal of the activity was to endow our youth with necessary skills for a fun camping experience, and is true to the spirit of the Scout motto ‘Be Prepared’.

Our summer camp is one of the most anticipated events of the Scouting year.

Our group will be going to camp in mid-June, where our young Scouts will be able to put their newly-acquired knowledge into practice and enjoy the fruit of their work.

Yours in Scouting,
Didi Gorman, 1st Lennoxville Scouts


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