1st Osgoode & 24th Ottawa Beavers hit the Beaver Trail

1st Osgoode and 24th Ottawa Beavers had a blast on their Spring Hike to the Beaver Trail in Ottawa! The Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre is also located along the Beaver Trail and they were celebrating an Earth Day open house which allowed the 1st Osgoode Beavers to reconnect with Patty and Indigo, an American kestrel, who had visited our Colony just two weeks ago to talk about the work of the Centre and to challenge the Beavers to become Junior Avian Ambassadors!

Many of our Beavers brought some great donations to the Centre, including red seedless grapes, natural peanut butter and cleaning supplies like paper towels! Some of the Beavers made bird feeders out of apples, and learned other ways to help the birds at home! They all earned their Junior Avian Ambassador pins!

Using our compasses, and following the waypoint maps along the trail, we were able to stay on track and always know where we were heading! This allowed for a few deviations to stop for lunch (and later dissect owl pellets!), to feed the birds from our hands and to see an active Beaver Lodge! Did you know that a single Beaver can cut down 200 trees per year?! We also spotted a porcupine in a tree, an owl in another tree (awake during the day!), and lots of birds and chipmunks! Hawkeye even spotted a snake!

We had so much fun and can’t wait for our next adventure!


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