1st Valley Scouts

Hi there,
My name is Julie and I’m an extremely proud leader with 1st valley scouts. I’d like to share a video of what 1st valley has accomplished in 2017 2018. I put this video together to share with not only our community but our scout family all over. The sky it the limit with the volunteer leaders backing up an incredible program. 1st valley scouts is entering our 4th year and we built this group from the ground up. We have continued to push our youth and encouragining them to try. We have watched these youth overcome fears and confidence issues. I hope you enjoy this video and continue to pass it to other groups to share what is possible to accomplish when you want it bad enough. I’m so proud of 1st valley and feel the need to share it with everyone.

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video as it means alot to us.

It starts with scouts.

Julie and Doug Cirelli
Rusty and Akela.

CouncilNorthern Ontario

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Adventure Video


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  • Andrea

    Awesome! Way to go 1st Valley!

  • Leanne Lavoie

    So proud of the kids and so grateful for the Scout leaders who continue to open up new experiences and opportunities for our youth <3