243 Tuscany Scouts Popcorn Adventures

234 Tuscany Scouts are “popping” excited about all the great adventures that our popcorn sales will take us on this year.

Peter Clarke, or more commonly known as Popcorn Pete, took on the 243 Tuscany Scouts Popcorn Coordinator role in 2015. With his amazing background in sales and marketing he helped our group raise 23% more in 2015 than 2014. In 2016 he helped guide us to selling 15% more than 2015 the year he started. Which in this economic climate is simply amazing! How did we do it? Here are some things that our group has incorporated.

1) Get the Youth excited – At our All-Sections Investiture Camp in September, Popcorn Pete comes and launches our popcorn kick off. He attended this year’s campfire as Popcorn Pete. The kids loved it and now are excited to start selling and who could possibly forget a life sized, walking and talking bag of popcorn?

2) Keep the Youth engaged – In 2015 our group introduce the Pie-a-Scouter incentive. For each sales level you earn, you collect more whip cream pies. It is an inexpensive incentive, but its motivational power is priceless for the youth. This can help kids set sales targets, simply by counting the popcorn sales needed to pie their favourite Scouters. This year at investiture camp a Scouter was pied by Popcorn Pete in costume and the youth loved it! This year’s sales have our youth throwing 85 whip cream pies at our lucky Scouters!

3) More Incentives – Fill a sheet to win a prize. This is a very visual and tangible incentive for our youth. Last year they filled a sheet and earn a group technical activity shirt. This year they fill a sheet and they will earn a limited edition 243 Tuscany Scouts Buff. (Don’t worry; you don’t fill a sheet you can still purchase one that way no one gets left out on these great items.) It is much easier to motivate a youth by saying “Lets just do a few more houses as you only need 2 more lines to fill your sheet,” then nagging any day!

Section prizes – the more you sell the more ballots you get into your section’s draw for an amazing prize. This year the Beavers section and Cub section can win a tablet, the Scout section can win a JetBoil Stove.

4) Keep the momentum going – Timely reminders – Throughout the popcorn campaign, Popcorn Pete sends out reminders and tips and tricks for selling popcorn. This helps to keep the parents engaged, as we know we all get busy. Email reminders are wonderful ways of ensuring people stay on track as time goes quickly and the end of the campaign comes before you know it.

5) Link the Youth – Youth are encouraged to link with a youth from another section to sell popcorn. This increases the safety for the youth, as there are more youth together with their parents as well as increasing sales. Older youth help to engage the younger youth and encourage them to keep going. The younger youth sure help with sales. Let face it, it is really hard to say “no” to a Beaver in that adorable uniform.

6) CJ – This year the Scouts section had the opportunity to direct a portion of their sales into a group CJ account that will help send a patrol to CJ 2017. This was a great way to engage the Scouts into selling more popcorn!

7) No cash, no cheque, no worries! We accept credit card – This year saw the introduction of squares, which turns your phone into a Point of Sales (POS) machine. Yes you can charge peoples credit cards and email then a receipt right from your phone. This fantastic piece of technology allowed us to capture many sales that we would not have otherwise been able to sell. As our world become more cashless and more paperless, this is a great option to explore. You can also use it to send email receipts to even those customers who pay cash or cheque. It is much more professional looking then the simple hand written receipts of the past!

8) Popcorn Coordinators – It is a big job but with the right Popcorn Coordinator things are easily managed and delegated! Be organized and don’t be afraid to ask for help! This is a volunteer organization and many hands make light work of reconciling forms, orders and cash!

When you are this excited about popcorn everything starts to turn into popcorn, even the pumpkins!

Best of all, these sales allow our 243 Tuscany Scouts Group to have amazing adventures along the Canadian Path! Can’t wait to continue the adventures!


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