Camps and Outings

This September, October and the first week of November were crazy. I have went to a lot of camps and outings like Fort George, A Brampton Beasts Sleepover, Permit Camp, Garbage Clean up and Looking at the Moon and Mars.

In September we had our first Fort George Camp where we reenacted the war of 1812 and marched into town in our red coats. To go to the stores, There it was really hot so everyone went Cow’s the most famous ice cream shop there. We came back to eat Dinner (The best Dinner/They just ordered a caterer for the camp) it was Chicken or Roast Beef with Mash potatoes and peas, carrots and a side of a bread with drinks Chocolate milk and a Apple juice(each). We stayed in tents and only had light from the single lantern hanging from the roof.

In October it was our first Hockey Beast Game/Sleepover, we got to sleep in the suites at the top of the stadium and in some of the suites they had a 30in TV (the boy’s bedroom/A leader). The Beast Game Sleepover was on Saturday 27, 2018 to Sunday 28, 2018, we had Pizza for dinner and Pancakes for Breakfast. When we got our rooms ready all the scouts, cubs and some of the beavers played Hide and Go Seek in the hole stadium, thankfully there were rules added, it was fun until the leaders said to stop playing. So, we played cards instead we taught the scouts how to play “Spatraz” it can go up to 4 people playing. Later, we watched a movie called “The Mighty Ducks” it’s a Hockey movie about a team that was really bad, and they start to practice trying to beat their arch enemy.

In the next weekend traveled an hour and a half to go to a camp called Permit Camp, we slept in Cabooses and ate in The Cabooses too. The camp was mostly completing our permits such as Match and Fire, Stove and Lantern, Axe and Saw and knife, we had to learn the safety of all of them, While the Scouts who did not have their knife permit,(like my brother Alec and all the first years and some second years too) we went to the Cubs camping site while their theme was Halloween, So we helped them Paint there Bird Houses, Hid the stuff for the Scavenger hunt and playing new card games with them (new card games they didn’t know how to play).

We helped the environment by picking a date for Garbage Clean up, 11th Brampton and 7th Brampton teamed up to clean up at Sandalwood Park, We found lots of Tennis Balls and Baseballs, Pop cans and water bottles, Paper and Newspapers also plastic bags. In the end we collected more than 9 garbage bags all of them are full.

The moon is so far away but with a telescope it’s not that far, yes for one of our outings we went to a park with a clear sky and A swing set, A huge slide and a huge play park course. The night was perfect because we were looking at the moon up close and mars up close too. We wanted to take the telescope to the top of the big slide because we wanted to get a even closer look at Mars cause this is the closes we will get to Mars this year.

These past few months have been busy with camps and Outings but my favorite is The Beast Game Sleepover!

Amelia Symeonides

CouncilCentral Escarpment


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