Christmas Giving

We have all probably given back to the community at one point in time and Christmas is a special time to remember the importance of giving and not just receiving

First Act of Christmas Kindness:

I, along with 4th Sackville Scouts have done more than our fair share of giving back to the community of Halifax, Nova Scotia this year. At one recent event, 4th Sackville Scouts helped out with a soup kitchen at the Knox Church. Setting up and tearing down tables/chairs and set for dining, as well as, serving dishes and cleaning up after dinner. Serving approximately 250 guest and helping the less fortunate in our area. The guests were youth to seniors and we had the opportunity to sit with them during dinner. It was so rewarding!

Second Act of Christmas Kindness:

Santa for Seniors is a project within Nova Scotia that started 10 years ago and this year 500 seniors that live in a residential home or receive in home care that would otherwise be alone during the holidays would receive Christmas gifts from donations. I gave a senior (Male 72 yrs old) a brand new winter jacket, hat and leather gloves for when he gets cold. They listed that he had nothing to protect him during the winter months. I added a personal hygiene care package with puzzles and chocolate, along with a note thanking him for being part of our extended family. The man was so appreciative of the gifts he received from his Santa and grinned from ear to ear. He said that the gifts were wonderful! Apparently this fellow was rather grumpy and didn’t have much of a Christmas spirit before that day. What a difference it made for him, please let his Santa know! What a sweet man!

Third Act of Christmas Kindness:

All of 4th Sackville Scouts (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Adventures) donated to the local radio station FX 101.9 Christmas Toy Drive. Giving to kids that are less fortunate than us by donating a variety of toys like a fireman set or air warriors toy guns and many more amazing items.

Everyone can give back and contribute to helping the less fortunate by volunteering at a soup kitchen or donating to a food bank or toy drive in your area, so try your best share and be prepared.

Lucas Arsenault

CouncilNova Scotia

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  • Sandra

    Lucas, you have a good and kind heart. The scouts are learning what a wonderful impact actions have on others. Sometimes simply taking a moment to hold a door, smile or let someone go first in line is enough to make someone s day. I’m proud of your group, wishing each of you a happy new year 2020