In Praise of the Shy Scout

It was a remarkable moment at our group’s year-end ceremony when several of our shyest members received the Outstanding Achievement award.

And what an achievement it was!

These 14-year-olds (3rd year Scouts) have been helping out at our Beaver Colony this year –a pilot project which has proven very successful and contributed immensely to their self-confidence and sense of well-being.

I also observed that thanks to their shyness, they provided a reassuring presence for younger introverted children, and that their gentle, relatable demeanor appealed greatly to their younger peers.

In this light, here’s a little something for us to consider: What if shyness is not necessarily a disadvantage, but rather an asset?

What if our introverted Scouts have become role models THANKS TO their shyness and not DESPITE it?

It is my belief that in the right circumstances, even the most introverted of members can flourish. If I may use a metaphor, it is a question of providing a fertile ground in order for a delicate sprout to mature into a flower in full blossom.

For this, a shout-out to the Scouters who facilitated, encouraged, and supported our Scouts on this path. You are the engine that made this possible.

Coming out of one’s shell is no easy endeavor for a timid person – this I know from experience; and it’s precisely for this reason that I find these shy members so inspiring: They embody the concept of opening up and discovering new abilities within ourselves, which we may not have been previously aware of.

The well-deserved round of applause for our Scouts that evening was a celebration of a true accomplishment.

Yours in Scouting,
Didi Gorman, 1st Lennoxville Scouts


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