The last of my first social camps

This past weekend, in my 5th year of being a rover, I finally attended the last of “first time” social camps in British Columbia. Guaranteed, the first two years of being a rover I was living in Montreal and Sackville, New Brunswick, but still!

Once I flew out to BC just for the weekend to go to a social camp, and now I have attended each one at least once, and each other offers something different, in challenge of camping, in social circles present, in weather and activities!

This weekend we carpooled onto the Sunshine Coast to Camp Byng, set up camp and I fell in love with the rainforest all over again, just as I do every time I arrive at Byng! I set up my tent away from others so I could really benefit from the sense of being in nature. I find social camps overwhelming sometimes – people camping so close to each other – but this weekend was a perfect balance of bliss and relaxation.

We were a small group camping together, spent times talking about our communities, about scouting opportunities and past events – Iceland was a huge hit, and challenges we face in our school/work life. It’s moments like those that make me appreciate the groups we have in Scouting, the fellow Venturer’s and Rovers who can sympathize and appreciate similar challenges.

Twice I headed down to the beach with people, the walk is a fair bit longer and involves a nice incline on your way back. I spent time appreciating this space, the oceanfront property we have access to, listening to the waves and feeling connected to nature. With my feet in the ocean at one point, I considered jumping in for a swim! I didn’t, as it was a little cold and risked hypothermia, but I wanted to!

That evening we also witnessed a sea lion – maybe a seal, we’re unsure – poke it’s head out and swim by, a truly surreal reminder of how interconnected we all are with nature.

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