Starting a New Group

This year, I joined a brand new group; 20th Welland. Being a brand new group, we had no Necker, no crest and no funds. The really fun part was getting to design our crest and Necker. The design for the Necker took a bit to decide on as we all had so many ideas. We knew we wanted a border but we couldn’t decide on one or two borders and then of course there was the colours. We tossed around black and green, maybe a purple somewhere, or possibly some reds and blues. What we finally came up with was a teal Necker with white and black borders (I love it).

Then came the crest. Since our city is known for its canal and lift bridge, we knew we wanted that in the crest somewhere. What we did was have the bridge lit up in the Necker colours we had just chosen and have some pictures of it taken. We then had a digital artist render the image and put it on the crest shape that we had chosen (also over much discussion) which is a rectangle with half a maple leaf on the right side. We then had a teal and red border put around it with the World Scouting logo in the maple leaf. Starting up a new group takes a lot of work and perseverance but it is also fun and, in the end, very rewarding.

I believe that building this group together has made us all closer and allowed us to really do what we want this scouting year.


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