Winter Camp Ice Lanterns

The 1st CBS Cub Pack participate in their 2 night winter camp recently.

Newfoundland winters are known to be cold and winter camp is always an adventure.

Unfortunately we were unable to go sliding as there wasn’t any snow. But it was certainly cold enough to make beautiful and magical ice lanterns which surrounded our camp fire.

Every cub was proud of their lantern and very excited to see it glowing.

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  • Kate

    Would love to hear more on how you made these ice lanterns

    • Andrea

      We used 2 containers (1 smaller than the other) and duct tape. The smaller container was suspended with tape at the top of the larger container. We then filled underneath and around the smaller container with water. You will have to put a bit of water in the smaller container to keep it from floating up or some rocks. Once they have frozen, dump the ice out and insert a tea light. There are some links if you google ICE LANTERNS. I would not recommend using tin cans for 2 reasons, sharpness of the edges and because the metal gets colder than plastic, the ice did not come out of them easily.
      I also saw ideas of putting twigs and other things to freeze into the water. We hope you have fun making them!!!