Adopt a Park with Financial Help from Scouts Canada and SFI

Adopt a Park

Spring is just around the corner, and with that, many of our members would love to go outside and enjoy the great big green spaces in their community. We are looking at selecting 20 EnvironMentality projects through an open call for proposals. Our goal would be to deploy youth-led projects across Canada. Thanks to the amazing support from SFI and with addition to the Sears Canada.

In all projects, the focus will be on environmental stewardship and revitalization of existing spaces. An example of such stewardship could include Adopt a Green Space! Audit a green space with the following: plants, trees, local fauna and wildlife. Help Identify what the green space contains and what it requires to thrive. It can be a park, a local trail or smiley a green patch in your community that requires a bit of Scouting touch. As a Group or Section, using Plan-Do-Review and receiving the right permissions from local authorities, to go out achieve your project.

Things to consider in your project.

Identify what the park needs: Milkweed for butterflies, pruning of trees, removal of sick trees, add bird feeders or removal of invasive species.
Seasonal care: Fall wraps for winter, leaf collection, plant new bulbs, spring clean up, setting new mulch or trail maintenance.

Funding can be used for:

  • Purchase of plants and trees for the site.
  • Purchase of materials to build items for the park. (Bench, bird feeders)
  • Tools needed to complete the project.
  • Purchase of replenishment supplies, such as seeds, mulch or bird food.

Project prerequisites: here is what we are looking for this year:

  • Youth-led Scouting Projects.
  • Projects that have identified an area and has permission from the right authorities.
  • Projects that will have a lasting impact within the community.
  • Projects that has a component of helping Scouts discover their role in environmental stewardship.
  • Project demonstrate a passion to take care of the space for more than a full year.

Applications must include the following:

  • Emailed to before the deadline of April 22nd, 2017
  • Your email must contain the following information:
    • Contact info, Group name and Council.
    • General description of your project.
    • Sections involved in the project.
    • Schedule of the project.
    • Projected participant numbers.
    • Information about the site you will be adopting.
    • Detailed Budget.

If selected, in addition to the funding,  we will help you with:

  • A promotional tool kit to help spread the good word on your work site.
  • Marketing support to help promote and advocate for your project.

Your Section or Group can receive between $200 – $800 of grant funding to help your adopt a park initiative.

Questions, email