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Contingent Management Team
2023 World Scout Jamboree

Are you passionate about Scouting, love to travel, and want to help deliver an unforgettable experience for young Scouts from across the country?

The Canadian Contingent Management Team (CMT) for the 25th World Scout Jamboree in South Korea is looking for Scouters interested in getting involved! This opportunity will allow you to help plan and support the Canadian Contingent over the next two years to ensure our Canadian youth and adults are able to have an amazing Jamboree in South Korea in 2023.

In order to be part of the CMT, you must be an active adult member of Scouts Canada or L’Association des Scouts du Canada.

The CMT is currently looking to recruit for the following teams: 


This team is responsible for organizing transport between Canada, the pre-camp location, and the WJ'23 site for the entire Canadian contingent. Currently we are looking for:

  • 2 to 3 individuals who have a strong sense of organization and knowledge of South Korea and/or its surroundings. In addition, having experience in supporting an international group and being able to communicate in English and French are assets. The main duties will be to coordinate travel with service providers, ensure coordination with other CMT teams, and communicate information with the contingent (Participants, ISTs and CMT).

Marketing and Communications (MarCom)

This team is responsible for the promotion of WJ'23 and is in charge of communications for the Canadian contingent. Currently, we are looking for:

  • Public Relations Lead
  • MarComm Writer (English)
  • MarComm Writer (French)
  • English - French Translator
  • English - Korean Translator

Canada Food House

This team is responsible for operating a small Canadian cuisine-themed restaurant serving over 1,500 individuals each day at the World Jamboree. We are looking to fill management roles on the team to share in the planning and execution for WJ'23. For team members, there are plans for an international exchange, allowing individuals to serve one shift during the Jamboree at another country's Food House. Currently, we are looking for individuals in the following roles/areas:

  • Culinary Team Lead
  • Procurement & Receiving Lead
  • Financial Services Lead
  • Site & Safety Lead
  • Operations Lead
  • Events Coordinator

Health, Risk & Safety

This team is responsible for the health and safety of all Canadian contingent participants.

  • Currently, we are looking for anyone with a medical background who could help advise our team with planning for WJ'23.

International Service Team (IST)

This team is the backbone of WJ'23 and will serve in all areas and across all functions required for executing an event of this magnitude. IST volunteers fulfill a vital role in motivating and supporting participants and providing services, program and facilities at the World Jamboree. 

  • Currently, we are looking for volunteers interested in joining the IST team. Volunteers can indicate a preferred role/area; the WJ'23 Organization Committee will be releasing a comprehensive list of IST roles in the future.

Time Commitment: 3-5 hours per month upon appointment, but the workload will increase closer to the Jamboree, up to approximately 15-20 hours or more per month.

  • For ISTs, the time commitment is minimal prior to WJ'23.

Travel: most team members will be expected to attend WJ'23 in South Korea. There is some flexibility for a travel team member and the MarComm writers to support the team locally from Canada.


WJ23 Virtual Volunteer Fair

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Process for volunteers to apply: