World Scout Jamboree No One Left Behind Subsidy

Attending a World Scout Jamboree (WSJ) is a once in a lifetime opportunity to join youth from around the world in a celebration of scouting but it is also an expensive proposition. The Canadian Contingent Management Team (CMT) do not want lack of funding to stand in the way of deserving youth attending.

Fundraising in expected to form the majority of the Venturer’s financial plan. The Scout Group and the individual youth are both expected to be involved. WSJs are for youth age 14-17 so part time jobs, babysitting etc. are all expected to contribute to the $6,000 fee. Birthday, holiday gifts and the bank of Mom and Dad are also acceptable for a portion of the fee.

The CMT have put aside funds to assist youth participants. The subsidies are expected to be a hand up not a free ride. We are offering financial subsidies for either $500 or $1,000 to deserving youth. Adult Scouters either Patrol Scouters or IST are not eligible for financial assistance.

Request for assistance must come from the Scout themselves-either written or video. Scouters, Group Committee members and parents/guardians are encouraged to provide guidance and input into the Scout’s application but it must be the Scout’s request.

The Google application contains the following

  • Why I want to attend the WSJ23 in South Korea
  • My financial plan-fundraising, my contributions and timelines
  • Support from my Scout Group
  • Amount of funds being requested and why that amount

Review Committee

A small group of Scouters with World Jamboree experience will review and evaluate the financial requests.


Please note that we respect the privacy of youth asking for financial support and while the Registrar and Treasurer need to know the name of the youth requesting a subsidy, we will only release the name to others on a need to know basis. The applications will not have names when provided to the Review Committee.

Due Date for Applications is Thursday, March 31, 2022 at midnight local time.

Decision Date

Youth and the parent/guardians listed in their registration data will be contacted no later than Monday, May 16, 2022 with a decision. Successful applicants will have the subsidy applied to their last payment(s). An updated payment plan will be included with the decision email.

To apply, please complete the Google application form.

If you are providing a video, please make sure you send your name, WSJ Registration # and Scout Group name along with the email to

Applications are due no later than Thursday, March 31, 2022 at midnight your local time.