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Integrating values of diversity and inclusion into our recruitment and hiring practices

Scouts Canada is grateful to be celebrated as one of the 2023 Workplace Impact Award recipients, thanks to the recognition of Diversio Global Inc. Improving workplace flexibility, while also progressing our recruitment and hiring approach to integrate our values of diversity, equity and inclusion, we are thrilled to accept this award. 

Scouts Canada is one of only 15 organizations who are globally recognized for having the most equitable and engaged workplace in 2023. As leaders in workplace initiatives, we have been invited to join the Diversio Changemakers Community. The ambition of this group aims to create the world’s most engaged DEI community. 

Diversio Changemakers is a global community of passionate and ambitious leaders and practitioners who believe that investing in inclusive workplaces for everyone can accelerate business outcomes and positively impact employees within their organizations.

At Scouts Canada we help youth develop into well rounded individuals better prepared for success in the world. We’re looking for hard-working, passionate and fun people to help us make an impact on young Canadians as they embark on the great adventure of Scouting.

Our employees play a key role in achieving this vision while making a difference in the lives of Scouting youth nation-wide.

Scouts is the start of something great.

It starts with Scouts.

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Working at Scouts

Enjoy making an impact in your career? If so, Scouts Canada might be the place for you. While working here you get the opportunity to make a real impact on the lives of youth in a fast-paced, fun environment. 

Employee engagement is our priority to ensure employees’ work-life balance and mental health. We offer flexible work arrangements. We believe in feedback to enable teams to work more effectively toward their goals. 

Personal growth is important to us which is why we offer our employees skills and professional development opportunities. 

Interested in a fun, adventurous, flexible and fast-paced opportunity in the non-profit sector? If so, apply at Scouts Canada today.


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Every summer hundreds of Scouting youth attend camp to learn, explore, meet new friends and make life-long memories. Be part of those summer memories through Summer Camp Job Opportunities. Positions available at our summer camp properties this summer, including Camp Samac (Oshawa, ON), Camp Opemikon (Maberly, ON), Haliburton Scout Reserve (Haliburton, ON), Woodland Trails (Whitchurch-Stoufville, ON) and Camp Byng (BC).


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The Benefits of Working at Scouts

We offer competitive compensation and benefits. Learn more about how we support our employees.


Working<br>Hours icon


35 hours work week. We offer flexibility with schedules to ensure the work-life balance

Employee assistance program (EAP) icon

Employee assistance program (EAP)

Through our EAP, employees can access private and confidential counselling services to help them deal with a range of issues.

Retirement planning<br>  icon

Retirement planning

Scouts Canada offers a pension plan with employees and matching company contributions. We also provide financial education sessions.

Education and training<br>  icon

Education and training

We support employees through comprehensive training and professional development programs.

Recognition <br>  icon


Our recognition programs reward employees for their outstanding performance and impact on our vision, strategic goals, values and behaviours.

Group Health<br> Benefits  icon

Group Health

Extended healthcare: Prescription drugs, vision care, out-of-country coverage, and paramedical coverage for services like naturopathy, massage therapy, physiotherapy, and chiropractic care.

Dental: Coverage for preventative, basic, periodontics and endodontics, major and orthodontic services

Insurance: Basic life, accidental death and dismemberment and long-term disability coverage

Paid leave<br>  icon

Paid leave

Paid leave at Scouts Canada includes vacation entitlements (4 weeks) that grow based on tenure and absences for family-related responsibilities.

Employees on maternity or parental leave who receive government employment insurance benefits may receive top-up payments for a portion of their absence.

Employee discount programs icon

Employee discount programs

Scouts Canada employees benefit from discounts on Scouts gear.

Life at Scouts

We are made up of many departments that help us thrive. Please refer to our Organizational Chart

High-Level Organizational Chart


Our organizational structure represents our exciting New Strategic Plan

Watch the Strategic Plan Launch Video

Why I work at Scouts Canada...

Let's Hear from Our Employees

I love working at Scouts Canada because I love working for a mission-driven organization. I love that we are helping youth discover what they are capable of and connecting with their community. My role offers me flexibility in my day, which allows me to achieve a better work-life balance I feel like Scouts Canada values me as a person with a family and life outside our work and has been supportive throughout my career. I enjoy the more casual working atmosphere, which includes working from home and enjoy seeing my colleagues’ families and pets popping into our meetings and calls, which makes for a fun and less stressful working environment.

Catriona McCready

Scouting Testimonial by Catriona McCready

I love being able to give back to an organization that gave me so much as a youth. As well, in my role as a Scouting Relationship Manager being able to empower Group Commissioners in meaningful ways and watching them make a difference is very rewarding.

Marlene Harris

Scouting Testimonial by Marlene Harris

I like making a difference with youth/families in their communities to learn and explore new adventures. I love the team that I am on, building strong relationships in and outside of Scouting. I love the flexibility of my job to have the best balance of work and home life.

Dyanna Pfenniger

Scouting Testimonial by Dyanna Pfenniger

I love working with a team of people to deliver amazing programs for our youth across Canada. I love that we provide a service to families. I love that we give kids hope, fun and adventure.

Gwen Thornton

Scouting Testimonial by Gwen Thornton

It is such a flexible environment to work in. Perfect for those with families. Never a dull day as something new always comes across your plate. I love giving back to youth and helping to grow this amazing program for our Scouts.

Alice Koller

Scouting Testimonial by Alice Koller

A feeling of community

Mary-Pauline Vatsis

Scouting Testimonial by  Mary-Pauline Vatsis

I love knowing that the work I do contributes to creating safe and fun activities for youth in the community, so they can learn while making lasting friends and memories that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Greg Noel

Scouting Testimonial by Greg Noel

I love to work in an organization that changes children's lives for the better and shapes future world leaders.

Karolina Marciniak

Scouting Testimonial by Karolina Marciniak

From Day 1, I have felt a sense of belonging on a team where everyone is involved with everyone else’s success. I know I can ask anything to anyone, and not feel like I am interrupting their day. The level of assistance has been tremendous, and I feel genuinely connected to the people I work with, despite working remotely. Not only are they helpful, but they also have a sense of play that is welcoming and helps give purpose to why we do what we do.

Steve Zamin

Scouting Testimonial by Steve Zamin