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Our ​commitment to Equity, Inclusion, anti-racism, and Reconciliation involves a lot of important work evaluating our Scouting history and current practices to create an authentic way forward.

We are excited to ground this commitment in a core starting point — to ensure our actions are meaningful and specific to how we can do better. This means self-evaluation of our Scouting Movement's colonial past, how inclusive we feel in the present, so we can design a tailored way forward for an exciting future together. We are excited to have you join us in this process, and create a movement that truly welcomes all who want to join, inside and out.

As we build awareness and acknowledgement of our history, we are grateful to our Reconciliation Advisors. Scouting is a land-based program, so we value their specific insights and guidance for the Scouting community to start this process, and support an authentic journey towards both Reconciliation and Equity that is both local and personal. 


Here's Our Roadmap

Our Apology to Indigenous Peoples

Interconnected Areas of Focus


Our ​commitment to Inclusion, anti-racism, and Reconciliation must include a closer look at our Scouting history and seeing how exactly that has affected today’s Scouting experience from an Equity and Intersectional perspective, to create a genuinely inclusive way forward for all.


"I used to think...and now I think". Updating our perspectives can be tough. We have heard from Scouting members and Reconciliation advisors that more educational resources are needed to at least begin mindful conversations with youth.


If we want to move forward together, it is important to say sorry – and acknowledge the affect we have had on diverse communities. That means not only understanding but clearly acknowledging the barriers that have stood in our way. 


Through partnerships with other organizations, communities, and the people who stand by our journey of awareness and ownership, we are excited to try new things, and co-create a way forward so all can safely belong.

Reconciliation Journey

Scouting is a land-based program, grounded in stewardship, knowledge, and skills about the land. Given where Scouts Canada is in its Reconciliation journey and relationship with FNIM communities, we have a lot to learn and own. Here are some great ways you can start to make a difference: Read the full Guidance from our Reconciliation Advisors, including additional resources. 


Leadership Commitments icon

Leadership Commitments

Scouts Canada is committed to living up to its values by being a diverse and inclusive organization that is welcoming to all Canadians.

To do this well, we knew we had to get to the bottom of where we stand in Canada’s Inclusion and Reconciliation journeys. 

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Scouter Resources icon

Scouter Resources

Our youth committee and group of volunteers are hard at work curating a toolkit of resources to support you, wherever you are on the journey.

Our selection of curated resources is guided by a set of terms in a verification process. Each resource is validated and reflects the current voice and consensus of the community it is sharing information about.

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Uplilfting Scouter Stories icon

Uplilfting Scouter Stories

You must check out these amazing examples of local Scouting troops who get it, and are modelling examples of being Inclusive in their mindset for anyone who wants to belong, while never taking for granted the land they live in, and the Indigenous nations that land is connected to. Check out our Uplifting Scouter Stories, and other upcoming ways you can get involved in this journey. 

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Take Action

Join a compassionate, mature, and considerate conversation around what it takes to build an equitable and inclusive Scouts Canada, together. Sessions are open to all Scouts Canada members, partners and other international Scouting organizations.

Past Present Future: Understanding our Past to Create an Authentically Inclusive Future.

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