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Scouter Resources

A Customized Toolkit, Just for Scouts

Our youth committee and group of volunteers are hard at work curating a toolkit of resources to support you, wherever you are on the journey.

Our selection of curated resources is guided by a set of terms in a verification process. Each resource is validated and reflects the current voice and consensus of the community it is sharing information about.

To start learning, here is a helpful guide of terminology This is resource is simply starting point, and we have selected it because it is an accessible and extensive list of current definitions. However, we must note that  where possible we have avoided the use of government-developed resources and opt for community-developed and designed resources. 


Scouts Canada Apologizes to Indigenous Peoples

At Scouts, our values are founded on kindness, respect for others and self-progression; however, we have not always been true to these guiding qualities. Scouting has not consistently been a safe and inclusive place for all youth, and for this we are sorry. 

As part of Canada’s residential and day school system, Scouting was the program of choice used alongside the Church, to strip First Nations, Métis and Inuit youth of their cultural identities.

Learn more about our Apology and commitments: 

Introducing Youth to the Diversity, Inclusion and Reconciliation Conversation

Youth are the future of Scouting and of Canada, and it’s important that we engage them in our reconciliation journey.  We will continue to develop new program resources to help our youth understand what reconciliation means in Canada, and how they can take an active role in making Scouts Canada more inclusive. 

Scouter Kayla Bernard has developed tailored materials that are a wonderful start for us to begin a trauma-informed approach to learning about our place in Reconciliation.

Kayla’s badge program can be found here

Kayla’s presentation on trauma-informed approaches to discussing Reconciliation can be found here.

We encourage Scouters to work with their Sections to recognize important Indigenous dates and anniversary, and incorporate activities into their programs appropriately.

Activity Ideas

Activities to Further Your Reconciliation Journey. Through fun, engaging and meaningful activities for all ages, find ideas below to expand your learning and further your Reconciliation journey.  

Each of us and our friends have elements of who we are that are visible and not-so-visible. Come together and learn how to be a great friend and responsible ally by appreciating the differences in one another. 

Safety Resources

Scouts Canada has partnered with Kids Help Phone (KHP) to help individuals who may be experiencing difficulty with Scouts Canada’s Apology announcement. Any youth can text “CONNECT” to 686868 or call 1-800-668-6868 for help from KHP.

Visit Safe Resources to find supports for Indigenous youth, and ca/Safety to report incidents and learn about our culture of safety.