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2024 2025 Council Voting Representatives

We are pleased to announce the 2024-2025 elected Scouts Canada — Council Voting Representatives.

The election process showcased the dedication and commitment of our members to fostering leadership and excellence within our community.


What is a Council Voting Representative?

Scouts Canada is a corporation created by an Act of Parliament and as required, holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM). There are specific statutory requirements for an AGM including approval of financial statements, appointment of public accountants for the next year’s audit and election of Officers and Directors. To ensure fair and open representation of our membership at the AGM and any special meetings, three Voting Representatives are elected annually to represent each Council.

One of the three Voting Representative positions is reserved for a youth member, but it should be noted that all three Voting Representatives from a Council may be youth members. All members under the age of 27 years on September 1, 2024 are defined as youth.

This year’s Annual General Meeting is planned to be held in November 2024.

Council Voting Representatives 2024–2025

Battlefields  Bill Kowalchyk Nicholas McCoy (Y) Elisabeth Cleaver  (Y)
Cascadia  Grant Loyer  Lucas Normandeau Sebastian Griffin (Y)
Chinook  Timothy Fountain Michell Plested Samuel Munro (Y)
Central Escarpment  Andrew Dunn Sophie Weatherup (Y) Matt Dunn
Fraser Valley  Andrew Dallas Tony Nathan Sophia Killawee (Y)
Greater Toronto  Mohamed Aizal Nalim Laura Jarvis Furqan Ahmad (Y)
Manitoba  Leah Foster Andrew McMillan Hunter Berlin
Newfoundland and Labrador  Anthony (Tony) Hillier Anthony Boland-Duggan (Y) Chris Pasons
New Brunswick  Rick Wasson Jasper Tattersall (Y) Daniel Gray
Northern Lights Ed Jolliffe David Walker Willan Holmes
Northern Ontario Jason North Joshua Campbell Carson Lawday (Y)
Nova Scotia Isaac Hobbs (Y) George Mawko Rys Beiko (Y)
Pacific Coast Paul Hoskin Amber Akerberg (Y) Freddie Zhang (Y)
Prince Edward Island Vanessa MacFarlane    
Quebec Alastair Watson (Y) Makayla Krause  (Y) Caleb Taylor (Y)
Saskatchewan Randy Abrahamson John Balbar Julianne Robbins (Y)
Shining Waters Greg Peach Andy Tran (Y) Ed Porasz
Tri-Shores Sherry Hellems Jade Fewer (Y) Koby McClinchey (Y)
Voyageur Cam Thomas Rebecca Norman (Y) Alan Clapp
White Pine Brian Wick Ryan Donaldson Dylan Pammett (appointed by Council)


Where an election is required in a Council, Scouts Canada uses the Scottish Single Transferrable Vote system where voters rank candidates in order of preference. This means that the second, third and fourth-place ranking of candidates is used to determine who will be elected. The conducting of the voting and tabulation is outsourced to a third-party organization. 

All Ordinary Members born after 2010 may participate in electing their Council’s Voting Representatives.   

Voting will be online through; please ensure your MyScouts account is current.  

Detailed instructions as to how to vote will be distributed via your email address. The link contained in the email is individual to you and should be treated as your ballot.  

The National Elections Officer will announce results to candidates and CK3 June 24st 2024.  


Have questions? Please review the FAQs.

For more information, please contact the National Elections Officer at

‘*’ an Ordinary Member is an active participant, volunteer, BP Guild member or Scouts Canada employee in MyScouts.