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Congratulations to this year's Council Voting Representatives

Council Voting Representatives (CVR) are elected annually to represent each Council's ordinary members. Each Council elects three CVR's with one of the three being a youth member. CVR's vote on motions brought forward by the Board of Governors and are eligible to be nominated to the Board of Governors Nominating Committee.

Scouts Canada Council Voting Representatives 2023–24
Council Member Member Youth
Battlefields Amanda Mitchener Vacant Michael Paine (Y)
Cascadia Grant Loyer David Greenlees Ellie Potosnak CYC
Central Escarpment Andrew Dunn David Frederick Matt Dunn (Y)
Chinook Jonathan Winn  Ryan Munro CC Connor Harasemchuk CYC
Fraser Valley Andrew Dallas Tony Nathan Aryan Jamshidian (Y)
Greater Toronto Mohamed Aizal Nalim Laura Jarvis  Furqan Ahmad
Manitoba Theodore Swift CC Vacant Vacant
New Brunswick  Joe Tattersall David Fox Bryce Tattersall (Y) 
Newfoundland & Labrador Darcy Hiller Jeff Hillyard Elizabeth Nault CYC
Northern Lights Ed Jolliffe James Brown Incoming CYC (Y)
Northern Ontario Kerry Radey CC Vacant Logan Paquette CYC
Nova Scotia Allan Carrington CC Wayne Hall Ben Shellnutt CYC
Pacific Coast Cathy Hauen CC Paul Hoskin  Christopher Cheng
Prince Edward Island Vacant Vacant Vacant
Quebec Elaine De Ryk CC Vacant Tomi Ferguson CYC
Saskatchewan Randy Abrahamson John Balbar Julianne Robbins (Y)
Shining Waters Greg Peach Kit Cheng CC Adam Peach (Y)
Tri Shores Riley Matthew CC  Vacant  Zachary Howe  CYC
Voyageur Cadence James (Y) Leo Caisse Barrett Caya (Y)
White Pine Jeff Sauve Brian Wick   Incoming CYC

(Y) = Youth


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