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Property Cancellation Policy

In support of a program that empowers youth to direct their personal progression and growth, Scouts Canada continually aims to improve accessibility to our properties for Scouting Groups across Canada to benefit from. When a Group reserves a facility/site, other Groups are excluded from using that facility/site at that time. Maintaining and operating quality properties is also associated with large financial investments. 

With these two concepts in mind, the Scouts Canada’s Property Cancellation Policy is as follows: 


Property Cancellation Policy
All Bookings 20% non-refundable deposit will be required to secure your booking. 
All Bookings Remainder of balance is due 4 weeks in advance of the first day of your reservation.
Bookings cancelled with more than 4 weeks’ notice If a payment has been made in full, it will be refunded with the 20% deposit subtracted from the total reimbursed.
Bookings transferred with more than 4 weeks’ notice 20% non-refundable deposit can be transferred to another booking within the same fiscal Year (September 1st – August 31st) along with any additional payments you have made.
Bookings cancelled with less than 4 weeks’ notice, but more than 2 weeks’ notice 50% of total payment is refundable.
Bookings cancelled with less than 2 weeks’ notice No refunds.
Scouts Canada cancels booking due to extenuating circumstances Transfer 100% of payment to another booking within the same fiscal Year (September 1st- August 31st) or refund 90% of total payments received.

Please Note:

All cancellations or booking transfers MUST be done in writing and emailed to

**Phone messages will not be accepted as notice of your cancellation. ** 

Scouts Canada reserves the right to cancel any booking at any time.