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Week 3
Polar Picnic
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Week Three Already!

It’s hard to believe we’re already into Week Three. It’s been hard to keep up with all the amazing adventures. We’ve got a great line up this week. As you know Beavers, Cubs and food always make for an interesting time. Paper bag bacon and eggs is a favourite—so it will be interesting to see which groups tackle the Food Challenge versus the Water Challenge. For the older sections, we’ll see how many take on the Food Challenge. The Swedish Fire log is always a fan favourite, but can be a bit tricky to pull off. For those on the mini-Derby path, this week will be all about stations and practice. Timing is everything and this will be an important week to master those skills!


Beavers and Cubs
PictographOption 1: Food

What’s the perfect snack or meal for a winter adventure? Try a culinary challenge as you prepare a winter-friendly snack or meal! Make an epic trail snack, try a foil fiesta meal, or try cooking a classic meal, like French toast or bacon and eggs over a campfire!

PictographOption 2: Water

Don’t forget that even in winter, drinking water is important on all adventures! It can be a lot trickier to collect water in winter and keep it from freezing before you can use it. Collect potable water for drinking, then use it for a project! Make up a nice pot of hot chocolate—what goodies are you putting in yours? Try your hand at icicle making, making your own freezie or ice pops, or get creative with snow painting.

Scouts, Venturers and Rovers
PictographOption 1: Icy Eats

Feeling hungry? You’re probably a great camp cook already, but what about learning a new way to make an old favourite, or trying a new meal? Feeling fancy? Make a meal using a Dutch oven—it works similarly to a real oven, so try making something you’ve never made on a camp stove! Feeling creative? Make a cardboard box oven or a buddy burner and see what recipe you can cook using it. If you want to try a more natural approach, learn how to make a Swedish fire log and use it as a stove!

PictographOption 2: Mini-Kondike Derby

A Klondike Derby is generally made up of a number of stations (or ‘towns’) that you travel to using the sled—pushing and pulling the sled as a team. Explore the type of stations you may want to include in your mini-Derby and start practicing those skills. As a general guide, you’ll want to do 2–3 stations for an evening Derby, 4–5 stations if you have an afternoon (or morning) and 8–10 stations if you’re planning a full day event with lunch.


Walking around on ice and snow can be tricky, make sure to walk like a penguin so that we don’t have any broken bones! Check out our Culinary safety tip for cooking safety ideas.

Mini-Klondike Derby Station Ideas

Knots | Geocaching | Fire Building | Quinzhee Building | River Crossing | Log Saw | Orienteering | Snowblind | Survival Rope Throw | Pioneering | Ice Fishing | Search and Rescue

Learn about these ideas in our Scouter's Guide and check out more ideas at the link below.

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